Justice League

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After Superman vs Batman and Wonder Woman, I have high hopes for this story.  They have been building up the other characters in the other films in small flashes. We know they are going to be in the film.  After the death of Superman in Superman vs Batman, I wonder what will happen next in this DC world.

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Wonder Woman

BeFunky CollageI had no idea what to expect from the standalone Wonder Woman film. From watching the trailer I did know that it was going to be in the past since the images from WW II that can’t be denied. I did see Batman vs. Superman and had seen the character there but knowing that there was a female director and it would be an origin story is still far from the story itself.

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What we learned by following SDCC 2016 online – part 1: TV and film


$Every geek knows that one weekend in the summer is the most important weekend to spend online, San Diego Comic Con weekend. Every year, I think of making the big trip to San Diego but up till now I haven’t done it yet (It’s still on my bucket list). This weekend I’ve spent many hours watching actor/ studio panels and trailers that have been released especially for SDCC.

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