My trip to London (November)

This trip to London was planned right after I bought tickets to see “No man’s land”. I had to find a friend to go along since I had booked two tickets so I put a vague description on my facebook wall and the first person who reacted to it (and actually had the money to go to the theatre – which was one and the same person) could come along with me.

After the initial plan to go to the theatre, the other things to do started to follow. Since Sanne is also a Harry Potter fan, it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to the Studios. Likewise it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to see Wicked, since last time she was in London she went to a musical too.

I had forgotten that we would be leaving on a public Holiday in Belgium, so about a week before departure, I panicked a little thinking I might not get to Brussels on time to catch my train. But the panic subsided when I saw that I didn’t have tickets for the first train out but the second, which did leave me some breathing room in the morning.

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About five years ago, I stumbled on a book by Gregory Maguire called Wicked. I had heard about it for ages and people had been telling me I should read it but no one ever could have told me how much I loved the story of Elphaba Tropp. I have always loved the Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland version and the Wizz), but this retelling of the story makes that one, a so shortly seen character, loveable. Yes, the green witch that we used to love seeing melted in the Wizard of Oz so loveable.

It took me ages to see the musical and the net is even buzzing with the possibility of a film. A few weeks ago I saw an article where someone had created a look to what the characters from wicked would look like in Disney style and now I kind of want an animated version with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth in the roles of Elphaba and Galinda respectively.

So after all this time, and having someone joining me in London who also has a love for musicals was the ideal time to see the musical.

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