NT Live: Angels in America – Millenium Approaches


I keep going to this plays that are broadcasted in the cinema. I don’t even look anymore at a summary of the play before deciding to go. I hope to be surprised by the stories. I do know that the Shakespearean plays are following the strict scripts of that time although they are sometimes represented much more modern. But here with Angels in America, I had no idea at all what it’s about. So it was a big discovery.  This is part one of two and I will also go watch the second part next month.

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Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company live: Romeo & Juliet


I have been looking forward to this play ever since the Kenneth Branagh company announced their year in theatre last year.  I’ve tried to convince my cousin earlier this year ,when we went to London, to try to fit in this play in our schedule. But since there were only two seats available and they were not next to each other, he decided to pass on it.  I was not overly upset about not seeing it live since I knew it was going to be broadcasted in the cinema just over a month later.

The other reason I wanted to see this play was because I had seen the chemistry between Richard Madden and Lily James already when they were the romantic leads in Cinderella. I was hoping that this chemistry would show up in Romeo & Juliet even more.

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