Sam Smith – Sportpaleis

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Up till now I’ve regretted the fact that I haven’t seen Sam Smith live yet. I was very happy when I got tickets for the new “The Thrill of it all” tour.  As he will be playing in one of the biggest venues in Belgium, I now kind of regret not seeing him in a smaller venue since his music would come out more in an intimate (read smaller) setting. But now I get to see him sing for the first time and I’m looking forward to it!

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Editors – Sportpaleis


After having seen Editors at Pukkelpop last year and being happily surprised with the choice of setlist, I decided to buy tickets to the concert. When a week before the concert the new album was released and I started to listen to it, I was even more psyched because I really love the way how they went back to their roots with their music.

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Lady Gaga – Sportpaleis


When the tickets were announced, I immediately contacted my friends who would like to go to the concert. Weirdly enough, those girls are not the ones you would expect to like Lady Gaga.  The concert was originally planned for October 1st, 2017 but due to health issues it had to be moved and on January 22nd was the new date that was announced.  When the date came closer, I started listening more songs from the multiple albums. I do confess I can’t sing along with all the songs that weren’t released as singles. I still can’t even after the concert.

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