Avengers: Infinity War


Ten years of Marvel superhero films has to cumulate to something. This film is what it’s all been building up to. Who would have thought that Iron Man would start all this? After becoming a high grossing company and being under the wings of Disney, what’s next? Earlier this year, Black Panther already had great box-office numbers and I wonder if this film can go even higher. From the trailer and the poster, I assume that every one of the heroes from the past ten years will be in this film. Will they win or lose? What will happen? I’m very curious to see the film!

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Spider-man: Homecoming

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I was a little skeptic before seeing this film. We’ve had so many Spider-man films in the last years that when they announced a new one and once again another actor playing Peter Parker that I thought “Oh, no not again”. But being the Marvel fan that I am, I did go and see it. Just give them the benefit of the doubt, it might even be good
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