Star Wars: The Last Jedi


The latest installment of the Star Wars saga. After being introduced to the new array of characters in the seventh episode, I now want to know how the characters are developed more, if expected storylines will happen, is Kylo Ren really evil or only posing. Of course, the question on everyone’s lips is “Luke Skywalker?”. As we only saw Mark Hamill at the end of the previous episode and he didn’t have any lines, we want to know more.

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LEGO: Rey’s Speeder

BeFunky Collage.jpg

After seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a lego version of anything Star Wars couldn’t stay far behind. ┬áLately, a lot of Star Wars lego boxes have been released, and since the big boxes are much too expensive I opted for a small one. As Rey is now one of my favorite fictional women (at least for the moment – I’m fickle that way) I chose this box.

It’s quite a quick build because there are not that many pieces, but loved making every piece of it.