Angels in America: Perestroika


Back to the cinema for the second part of this play. After the first part, I still have some questions that I would like to have resolved. Who is this Angel? What will change in the lives of the characters? Is the medication the characters who see/ hear the angel have something to do with this?  Let’s find out!

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NT Live: Angels in America – Millenium Approaches


I keep going to this plays that are broadcasted in the cinema. I don’t even look anymore at a summary of the play before deciding to go. I hope to be surprised by the stories. I do know that the Shakespearean plays are following the strict scripts of that time although they are sometimes represented much more modern. But here with Angels in America, I had no idea at all what it’s about. So it was a big discovery.  This is part one of two and I will also go watch the second part next month.

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