Imagine Dragons – Rockhall


Since I saw Imagine Dragons last year at Rock Werchter, I started listening to the albums they released. I discovered that I really liked the music they make and when it was announced that they would be coming to Europe for a concert hall tour, I was very excited. Normally I would go to the concert in Antwerp but because the tickets were released while I was on holiday and sold out quite quickly, I opted to drive to Luxembourg and see them there. I can only choose that option if a concert in Luxembourg is on a Saturday, which this one is.

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Biffy Clyro – Rockhal, Luxembourg


Biffy Clyro.jpg

When the tour of Biffy Clyro was announced, I was a bit chuffed since the original date they would be performing in Belgium was on November 12th and I wouldn’t be able to go due to other plans. So I started looking around where they would be performing close to Belgium that I could get to without issues. This is why I chose Luxemburg. It’s about 2 hours and a half from home, just that little too far to drive back at night so a hotel had to be booked. The things we do for the bands we love.

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