Murder on the Orient Express


I had put this film on my to see film ever since I saw the announcement of Kenneth Branagh making it.  Knowing Branagh, I have high hopes since he really makes good films and can actually act but this is a harder topic since everyone knows Hercule Poirot and identifies the character with the actor David Suchet. I was really wondering if Kenneth Branagh, who would be taking the role of the Belgian detective, would do a good job.

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Alice: Through the looking glass

BeFunky Collage

Ever since I was little and saw Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, I have been intrigued by the word of Wonder in which she lands. ¬†After having read both books by Lewis Caroll, seen many adaptations of them, heard the Jabberwocky read by Benedict Cumberbatch, when Tim Burton announced he was going to make an Alice in Wonderland film I was delighted. Tim Burton is the only director that I would trust with a trippy scene as is the story of Alice.

When later, and more recently, it was announced that there was going to be a second film, I was wondering what they were going to put in the story since the first film already covered most of both books.

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