Star Trek Beyond


I saw Star Trek on TV when I was a kid, and watched the two previous film installments by J.J Abrams, so  watching Star Trek Beyond was a logical thing. I am neither a Trekkie or a Star Wars addict but enjoy watching both franchises as long as they stay entertaining to me.

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Bastille Day

BeFunky Collage

I only learned about this film because ever since it was announced to play in Belgian theatres, a friend of mine asked if we could go see it. It took us some time to finally find a moment that we both had time to see it. A few weeks after the release it was only playing as the last film on Saturdays and some other days during the week. So we thought up the plan to see a double feature. First, finally go see Huntsman: Winter’s war and because we were already at the cinema at that moment just see it then.

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