Beauty and the Beast

beauty collage

It was just not possible for me to not see this film. I grew up on Disney animation films and Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite. Not my absolute favourite of all the animation films they’ve made, but then again they made a lot of them.

When I heard that they were going to make a live-action version of it, I was intrigued in which scenes would change immensely. The trailer and teasers before the release were exact scenes that I knew from the animated version. I was fearing that those were the only ones and that they were hooking us, the people who watched as a kid.

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No man’s land


A few years back these two lovely gentlemen performed Waiting for Godot in London’s West End. Since I had planned a trip to London just before the play started and because it only had a short run, I have been regretting the fact that I hadn’t seen them together on stage.

When earlier this year the announcement came that they were doing another play together, I didn’t hesitate or even check which play they were doing, I bought two tickets to see the play and after doing that I asked if any of my friends would like to join me to make up a regret I had. I didn’t tell them what the regret was only that it was in London. That way none of my friends would jump at the names I was spouting but would genuinely be interested in doing anything I would suggest after that.

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