Beauty and the Beast

beauty collage

It was just not possible for me to not see this film. I grew up on Disney animation films and Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite. Not my absolute favourite of all the animation films they’ve made, but then again they made a lot of them.

When I heard that they were going to make a live-action version of it, I was intrigued in which scenes would change immensely. The trailer and teasers before the release were exact scenes that I knew from the animated version. I was fearing that those were the only ones and that they were hooking us, the people who watched as a kid.

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Bridget Jones’s baby


I have been reading Helen Fielding books ever since I first picked up Bridget Jones’s diary and loved how Bridget is a bit clumsy but still so loveable. Reading that first book places me back in time for about a decade. In between then and now, I’ve read the sequel and even the 3rd book (on which this film is not based), I’ve seen the adaptations of the first and second diary book. ¬†As this story has a base in “Pride and Prejudice” and even winked with having a Mr. Marc Fitzwilliam Darcy, it even interested me more from the start. In the adaptations, they even went a step further and cast the actor that played Mr. Darcy in the most loved Pride and Prejudice adaptation as Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones. Now when checking which books there are written by Helen Fielding, I see that there is a novel version of this film. I will have to read it one of these days.

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