15 years Biffy Clyro

BeFunky Collage.jpg

When I started this post, way back in 2016, I hadn’t seen the band perform live yet. In the meantime, I went to 2 concerts and 1 festival where they were performing. They really throw themselves on stage and that energy can be felt in the audience. For me personally, the first song I ever heard was “Who’s got a match” from the album “Puzzle” because it was being played on BBC Radio 1 at the time. This started my discovery and following of Biffy Clyro. When looking at the pictures from way back comparing their look till now they really started to look like a rock band. This might be because the older pictures look like 15year old selfies and not professional at all.

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Biffy Clyro – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels


After seeing Biffy Clyro at Pukkelpop last summer, I read that they would be performing in Belgium later in the year. Well, originally it would have been on November 12th and that was canceled due to logistical issues. For me, November 12th wouldn’t have worked anyway since I was going to London that weekend. So at that time, I ordered my tickets to see them in Luxembourg on November 5th and that was what it was going to be.

Then in September, they announced their European tour for February and they were coming to Brussels. So I got tickets and made up for not having seen them before August in half a year’s time with 3 concerts (2 real concerts + 1 festival one).

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Biffy Clyro – Rockhal, Luxembourg


Biffy Clyro.jpg

When the tour of Biffy Clyro was announced, I was a bit chuffed since the original date they would be performing in Belgium was on November 12th and I wouldn’t be able to go due to other plans. So I started looking around where they would be performing close to Belgium that I could get to without issues. This is why I chose Luxemburg. It’s about 2 hours and a half from home, just that little too far to drive back at night so a hotel had to be booked. The things we do for the bands we love.

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Pukkelpop 2016 – Saturday


On Saturday August 20th, the last day of Pukkelpop, I went to this festival because I really wanted to see one of my favorite bands of the moment, Biffy Clyro.

I originally planned to run between stages as I used to do a decade ago, but once I arrived on the festival grounds I decided to check out the complete grounds and then just lounge at the main stage until the time came to see the band I was there to see.

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