Pukkelpop 2017: Day Two


Another day, another bunch of artists to see. Today I have four performances planned, so let’s get this day started.

George Ezra

I started listening to his songs when Budapest was releases. I’m not always in the mood for them but a live performance is always a bit different. I really loved his show. He dedicated the song Barcelona to the people that were hurt yesterday in that city, which I thibk was very considerate of him. The rest of the show was filled with newer and already known songs. My whole feel was this is a cheeky Brit with catchy tunes. I liked it a lot.


To be honest, I know like one song of her from the huntsman soundtrack and if you count collaborations, I also know the Chainsmokers track. Also I started moving in, closer to the middle gate area before her performance since I wanted a goid spot for Bastille. So going from those things, I can say I found her set very entertaining and am even going.to say that I willl check out more on spotify. 

London Grammar

So as I mentioned above, I was standing at the middle gate, in the middle of the crowd already. I have loved their music ever since I heard strong, but as I had never seen them.live I was wondering if their music had the same power on the main stage at a festival. I can now sat that it does. Hannah has the voice of an angel that goes through you.  I know I will need to check more of their songs now but I sang along to all the ones I know (or tried to I can’t hit those high notes)


This is the band I really wanted to see today. After having seen them live in February, I now wanted to see them from way up close, where you can really feel the audience. My little spot was perfect. This time around I could sing along with all the songs and dance/jump/move (as much you can if the audience is quite packed).  This time Dan only once ventured into the crowd (between the gates) and big sap that I am touched his hand.  I always rediscover the vocal range of Dan, really high or low, he can do it all. For those not paying attention to the stage though, you missed out on the spectacular moves of the sax player. 

One more day to go, but now some rest to start the last day with an awake mind

Pukkelpop 2017: Day One

This is my second and last big festival of the summer, from now on the bands will start announcing their autumn tours and I will start looking for concerts to see during the rest of the year. I don’t have an overfull planning for pukkelpop but this festival has always been more chill than Rock Werchter for me.

So on to the bands/artists…


Recently I have been getting into grime and I decided to check this out. Although the beats are typical for the genre, I felt it a bit monotone. This is what festivals are for… making sure things you think you like can keep you entertained for an hour. This didn’t.


As stated on the lineup of the festival, they brought their first record ‘Turn on the bright lights’ integrally. This is not the album that I know that would be ‘Antics’ (the second album). So I could’t realy sing along with any of the songs, except one…they did one song from the album I know, Evil. But not being able to sing along was not so bad since the show was suite entertaining. Side nite, I don’t know if this is usual for the band but their wasn’t a lot of interaction with the audience. It might just have been since they needed to fit the album in their allotted slot.


When Editors started, way back in 2005, I loved their music and could sibg along to each if the songs of the first two albums. I went to quite a few of their shows back then too.  Somewhere around the third album, I had a feeling that the music they were making wasn’t really my thing anymore but that didn’t stop me from checking out the third and fourth album. Neither of those albums made me rush back to see them live. I took the opportunity now at the festival to see them perform again. I am happy that they did a lot of the older songs and have to admit that I hadn’t heard any of the songs of the last album and now I will have to check that one out since they had some songs that are very good in the set. It was a fun set with fireworks, pyro and confetti. Now I might think of going to one of their shows again (concerthall).

Rock Werchter 2017 Day Four


Last day, these four days flew by so fast… on the other hand my legs will be happy to rest tomorrow. Since I’ve been going back and forth each day and the busstop is about two kilometers from the festival terrain,I have been walking loads and that’s not counting going from one stage to the next.

But then the important part, the bands

The Lumineers

I have sporadically listened to songs on their first album but can hardly say I know more than a few songs. I did wanted to see them but more because of the vibe of their folky music than the songs. And I did love the feel that folk music brings when the sun is out. I wanted to dance but I can’t dance so I just hopped around


I’ve hears songs of this band on and off while listening to bbc radio one. So I knew the type of music they make and even that I like some of their songs. Now to be honest, I do love the vibe and the feel of their songs but I think in the long run I don’t know enough of their songs to really get into it. It took a long time before they started playing songs that I knew… those I did enjoy a lot… I don’t think I would go to a show of theirs if it wasn’t at a festival in the future…I know way too little of their song.

Foo Fighters

The final band of the whole festival. Could you think of any other band to headline a festival like this? After having to cancel two years ago, due to Dave Grohl braking his foot, they now came back and played like crazy. I will never say that I’m the biggest Foo Fighter fan but I do know quite some of their songs. Most of the songs they played were very familiar too me, which means to me that they were most likely doing their hits with maybe here and there a new songs hidden away.  I kind of have grown up with Foo Fighters somewhere in the background. They have been around for twenty-two years and that really means since I was about twelve. There is a lot of nostalgia when they play older songs like “My Hero” or even “Learn to Fly” and “Monkeywrench” (on the guitar Dave received from Studio Brussel which was signed by the fans). They really breathe pure rock, even though that sometimes makes the songs last triple as long as they should because they are doing solo’s and intermezzos in them. It’s still great fun to see them. I have to be honest I didn’t stay till the very end. When leaving the festival grounds I still heard what they were playing for a while so I think in total I missed fifteen minutes of their performance.

Rock Werchter 2017 Day Three


Day three started off rainy, so I left for the festival grounds all packed into sweater and a coat… still rocking shorts though, cold legs or not I don’t want to ruin long trousers

Charlie XcX

When I arrived, concerthalI made my way over to Klub C where Charlie XcX would be performing next. Since I prefer not to go into concert hall since they sort of lock it, I looked for a spot on the bleachers outside so I could follow the concert. I noticed during the set how many songs I actually know and those I don’t know don’t get boring. Women power on stage, although she was barely dressed in more than a crop top and hot pants… So much energy and so many of the collabs she worked on. I loved hit after hit!


Lovely folky rock feel… I love this type of music but don’t know much about this band. I have heard of them before of course but that was like one song. So I was checking them out to k now if I would like more of their stuff… turns out I do… when I get home after the festival I need to check the rest of their songs… listening to it here, transports me to some idyllic place. The songs «High Hopes» and «all I want» gave me goosebumps. One bad point to the show.. the singer having to say «Rock Werchter» in a lot of songs to let the crowd cheer… not necessary once or twice would be fine…

Blink 182

One of the two bands with a high nostalgia factor of the day. This they also seem to know that the hits are what will make the people move. It’s one hit after the other. I couldn’t stand still. They brought a few new songs but they still have the same feel as before. I’m a little sad that I couldn’t have seen them in original setup since Tom is no longer in the band. It will never sound the same as before but I think this is the best replacement they could find. One more thing…To my hearing, the microphone Mark was using wasn’t calibrated correctly so his voice sometimes didn’t come through… all in all fun concert which made me feel 20 again.


I only got to see part of the set since I waited until Blink 182 to end theirs… I think I’m really forming a fondness of this folky sound… the songs are so pure and frail in their pureness. I was happy to catch the breakthrough song «let him go», really so beautiful. After this, they also did a cover of Tracy Chapman’s «Fast Car» which is a beautiful song on its own, but they did it wonderfully so that I felt it really go through me. I need to listen more to this band!

System of a down

Only one thing to say…. this band is slighly too hard for me. This means it’s just waithing through it for the headliner… if they were the last act of the night I would have gone home.

Linkin Park

More nostalgia… what started with newer songs soon became hit after hits. The crowd around me loved this, me being part of it. There is nothing as much fun as telling «shut up» at the top of your longs together with thousands of people. I sang/shouter along with so many songs, really too many to name. I feared that I had to wait ages before I knew something since I hadn’t followed all the new songs over the years.  About halfway through there was a slowed down part and the songs were so emotiobal that I actually       had tears in my eyes. This got even better/tearfuller when they did a slowed down version of crawling.  Throughly this was the worthty closer of the third day.

Rock Werchter 2017 Day Two


More music to see and hear, what will today bring…

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

I had put this band on my «I need to see this» list. As I arrived they were about to start so I just looked for a good spot and waited. This music with a feel of a few decades gone by really felt good with the sun coming out.  It’s crazy how this type of music just puts a smile on the face and makes people move. You just can’t stand still…A crowd pleaser and final song SOB just send the ooh oohs over the field even when the band finished.

White Lies

Another band I absolutely wanted to see. I have been listening to their songs ever since I saw their performance of Glastonbury on BBC a few years back. As usual lately, I couldn’t sing along to all of the songs but for me, their music is more about the feeling of it all so that wasn’t needed. I love the fact that the singer has learned to interact with the audience. So much better than standing still behind the microphone. I danced along (although this is more like dancing to Joy Division). I wish it could have been longer.

Royal blood

The contest «who can make the most noise with 2 instruments» goes to this band. What noises you can make with drums and a bass guitar, these two gentlemen are experts in that. This is another band that I’ve heard now and again and said let me check them out. There really is a lot of noise coming through the speakers, and sometimes there is a bit of a Wolfmother feel. However, heir own hits make the field go crazy.


After Royal Blood, I made my way over to the barn. Well not exactly the barn, cause that was full up already. This is the only Belgian band on my planning. I only know the songs that I’ve heard on the radio, and that was all I liked… in more than the half of the song I didn’t knew they lost me… For me this wasn’t such a good show to see… I think you need to know each and every of their songs to like this..I will keep listening to their songs on the radio, but don’t think I’ll put effort in getting to know all the songs.

The Pretenders

Since I was sitting outside, I had to wait until Bazart finished their set (they went over time). But then suddenly Chrissie Hynde and band started blaring out of the sound system… A few songs in they already played «don’t get me wrong» and «back on the chaingang»… this is so different to the other bands these days since they keep their best known songs until the end of the set. This is what I expect of a classic rock band.. fantastic classic rock from beginning till end.


I had high hopes for this band, since I do know some of their songs. This some of their songs is however not enough for a concert of two hours. I did stick around until the end when the songs I did know started being played. Thise songs are crowd pleasers and everyone sings along to them but the «loungy», «experimental», «not so known by general festival goer» was not my thing. Other thing,  they were scheduled to play two hours and half but after two hours it was over. I thought, they are playing hits now and this will go on with this for half an hour… but sadly no.

On another note, since I am doing the festival on my own, it sometimes seems that I sit sadly on my own. Not that I mind that much but it seems people took pitty on me and during Radiohead I first had some South African girls ask me to take a picture with them and later I wad invited to sit with some people «so I wouldn’t be on my own». To them, thank you for including me shortly in your group!

Rock Werchter 2017 Day One


It’s been a few years since I did a full festival weekend at all. This year when the bands started to be announced for Rock Werchter, I just had to get a combi ticket for the whole weekend… I will keep a day by day journal here of the things I went to see..

Prophets of Rage

Honestly, I had to check their description to know who they actually are, but when I read «Rage against the machine» without the singer but with some hip hop legends from bands like «Cypress Hill», I decided in the moment that I wanted to see what they would sound like.  OK, they have their own repertoire but for a newly formed (from last year) band it would be hard to fill in a slot of an hour and a half… My thinking this was paid off when suddenly about halfway the intro of «Jump around» started playing… the crowd went wild! Best song for me (goosebumps) was their final song «Killing in the name of»

Imagine Dragons

This is the first band of the festival of which I said that I absolutely wanted to see them.  I went forward on the terrain and was in the crowd for this one. Now I’m thinking this will the only one where I do this since the crowd around me was already drunk and honestly, they were no fun. The band and the music then… I knew going in that I didn’t know all songs but that didn’t matter since they had put their set together in such a way that it was a mixture of hits and newer songs… I still could yell along with some…In the beginning, they told us a message op peace and that all the terrorists in the world can’t make us stop going to music gatherings. Music is stronger than them….to conclude I liked the band and will listen to more of their music after the festival.

Arcade fire

The set started off with «Everything now» and from there on it was the right mix for me, being songs I know and those I don’t. For me, there is quite some nostalgia to the songs from the album «Neon Bible» as I played that record gray way back in 2007-2008 on my way to work (I have vivid memories to «no cars go» while being on the subway.  One thing is sure, going to an Arcade Fire show is a guarantee for moving and singing the songs you know along with the band.

The Chainsmokers

After Arcade Fire I moved in the direction of «the barn» to catch the second half of the concert/set of the Chainsmokers. Sadly the Barn was full up but luckily there is a screen and a sound system outside so I could follow from there. Normally this is not really my thing but lately, they have been doing some great collaborations which made me decide to check them out. Honestly, I wouldn’t go to a concert hall to check them out but at a festival it was ideal and I did enjoy their set. I have been preaching that «Tomorrowland» is not my thing but if these guys stood there I might maybe venture to Boom. Ok, one last note it doesn’t hurt that the guys are smoking hot.

Kings of Leon

I ended day one with part of the performance of Kings of Leon. I have seen them multiple times in the past already and do have a few songs that I like.  But I have decided up front not to stay the whole set. The only reason I wanted to see part of it is nostalgia for a time ten years ago when Caleb still had long hair and they weren’t as big and well known as they are now.

My trip to London (November)

This trip to London was planned right after I bought tickets to see “No man’s land”. I had to find a friend to go along since I had booked two tickets so I put a vague description on my facebook wall and the first person who reacted to it (and actually had the money to go to the theatre – which was one and the same person) could come along with me.

After the initial plan to go to the theatre, the other things to do started to follow. Since Sanne is also a Harry Potter fan, it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to the Studios. Likewise it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to see Wicked, since last time she was in London she went to a musical too.

I had forgotten that we would be leaving on a public Holiday in Belgium, so about a week before departure, I panicked a little thinking I might not get to Brussels on time to catch my train. But the panic subsided when I saw that I didn’t have tickets for the first train out but the second, which did leave me some breathing room in the morning.

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Pukkelpop 2016 – Saturday


On Saturday August 20th, the last day of Pukkelpop, I went to this festival because I really wanted to see one of my favorite bands of the moment, Biffy Clyro.

I originally planned to run between stages as I used to do a decade ago, but once I arrived on the festival grounds I decided to check out the complete grounds and then just lounge at the main stage until the time came to see the band I was there to see.

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Harry Potter Exhibition -Brussels


A few weeks back, the Harry Potter exhibition arrived in Brussels and all Harry Potter fans have been queuing to see all the artifacts that have been on tour.

We had tickets to enter the palace at the Heizel at twelve o’clock. In hindsight this seemed to be the perfect time to go. When we exited the souvenir shop at the end of the exhibition and the people that had tickets for two o’clock wanted to enter the queue was humongous.

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