My trip to London (November)

This trip to London was planned right after I bought tickets to see “No man’s land”. I had to find a friend to go along since I had booked two tickets so I put a vague description on my facebook wall and the first person who reacted to it (and actually had the money to go to the theatre – which was one and the same person) could come along with me.

After the initial plan to go to the theatre, the other things to do started to follow. Since Sanne is also a Harry Potter fan, it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to the Studios. Likewise it wasn’t hard to convince her to go to see Wicked, since last time she was in London she went to a musical too.

I had forgotten that we would be leaving on a public Holiday in Belgium, so about a week before departure, I panicked a little thinking I might not get to Brussels on time to catch my train. But the panic subsided when I saw that I didn’t have tickets for the first train out but the second, which did leave me some breathing room in the morning.

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Pukkelpop 2016 – Saturday


On Saturday August 20th, the last day of Pukkelpop, I went to this festival because I really wanted to see one of my favorite bands of the moment, Biffy Clyro.

I originally planned to run between stages as I used to do a decade ago, but once I arrived on the festival grounds I decided to check out the complete grounds and then just lounge at the main stage until the time came to see the band I was there to see.

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Harry Potter Exhibition -Brussels


A few weeks back, the Harry Potter exhibition arrived in Brussels and all Harry Potter fans have been queuing to see all the artifacts that have been on tour.

We had tickets to enter the palace at the Heizel at twelve o’clock. In hindsight this seemed to be the perfect time to go. When we exited the souvenir shop at the end of the exhibition and the people that had tickets for two o’clock wanted to enter the queue was humongous.

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My Trip to London (May 2016)

When my cousin asked me in the beginning of May if I was interested in going with him to London at the end of May, I had to think about it for a few hours and check if I could get time off to go. But once decided I started looking around on the internet what was going on in London and what we could do in the three days that we were going.

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 History @ the movies

BeFunky Collage.jpg

In Ghent, there is an exhibit at the moment (still running till the beginning of April). In this exhibit, they have some original clothing pieces from a few of my favorite period films and series.  I marvelled at the dresses from the white queen because of the detail in those was really fantastic. I also loved to see the clothes worn by Colin Firth and Alan Rickman, this gave me a feel about how tall they are. Then there were the dresses as worn by Nicole Kidman (in The Portrait of a Lady) and by Maggie Smith (in a Room with a View) and that just shows how tiny the actresses are not just in length but also the little waists they have.

At the end of the exhibit, there were a whole set of clothes from Downton Abbey, I’m so sad that this show has now come to its end. Beside those clothes, there were also some clothes on a rack and hats on stands that we, as visitors, could try on. Of course, we had some fun with that, because who doesn’t want to put on a bonnet.

So if you have the time to still visit Ghent before the show stops, don’t hesitate to do it! It truly is worth the few euros you have to pay to see this! 

Belgian Whovians 1st meet of 2016 – Ghent

The first meet of the Belgian Whovians was already planned at the end of January. As there were a lot of people new to the group who were going to join the meet, I couldn’t not go and meet these new people.

Now all plans of meeting new people are set, but once it was over I kind of noticed that I spend more time with the people I already knew then with new people. I didn’t really make new friends.

The schedule of the meet was fully planned with visits to comic book stores and other geeky stores, but because of the rain and cold some of us decides to already to go down to the last stop of the schedule and wait for the rest of the group to get there.

First meet of the year under our belt, up to the next! I hope other people who joined the group (approximately 50 people) had fun! I can say I did!