LEGO: London Bus

2016-10-29 20.17.35 HDR.jpg

This was one more free little box that I received when I went to the Lego store earlier on. It was about the time the Lego store in London was opening so I think it was the beginning of November and this was the one gift I really wanted since I have some other London iconic boxes (that I still have to build), this would look magnificent next to it!

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LEGO: Louvre


As I have visited the Louvre multiple times in the past and when this box was released it just had to be placed in my collection. There were some things that I found a bit bothersome just in seeing the box. It only shows one part of the Louvre and not the side wings. And then my head was pondering how the pyramid would work. I did find out!

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LEGO: Doctor Strange Sanctum Santorum


As Marvel is one of the bigger franchises at the moment that LEGO is promoting, it couldn’t be long before they released a Doctor Stange set. This set was released before the film released and it has 3 of the main characters: Doctor Stephen Strange, the Ancient One and Mordo. the setting is a Sanctum Sanctorum and not knowing what this was I wanted to see the explanation in the film but it never came. (For those who don’t know, this is the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange and is more set after the film as he inherits it then. Thus the Ancient One being there isn’t really logical).

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LEGO: Mystery Machine


When I was little, my brother used to have a VHS cassette with Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo episodes on it. It was one of his favorite things to watch and thus I have seen those episodes multiple times as well. A few years back there was a whole revival with the live-action films with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini. I really enjoyed those films since they threw me back to the time I watched those few episodes with my brother.

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Small LEGO fair

BeFunky Collage.jpg

There was a first time ever Lego fair in the next town over, I had time, so I went to see what they had to offer and what lego builders in Belgium are making.  The Overpelt LEGO Builders club showcased their builds and designs.

I loved seeing the different Lego’s and I talked to the people of the showcased items. They were open and loved talking about their hobby, some even said that for some of the custom builds they could tell you were to get the plans to make them yourself.

I have gathered some ideas of custom builds that I would like but also for box sets that I want or want to build.

LEGO: Hulkbuster

I was shopping and my eye fell on this box, and I was compelled to buy it. Earlier this year I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the scene with the Hulk Buster is one of my favorites since we got Bruce Banner all hulked out and Tony Stark/Iron Man in a special Iron Man suit, this Hulk Buster stopping him.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

In addition to the Hulk Buster (with insertable Iron Man), I found in the box Wanda/ Scarlet Witch and Ultron mini figure.  Creating the Hulk containment block and the Hulk Buster didn’t take that long, but it was fun to do.