Belgian Whovians 1st meet of 2016 – Ghent

The first meet of the Belgian Whovians was already planned at the end of January. As there were a lot of people new to the group who were going to join the meet, I couldn’t not go and meet these new people.

Now all plans of meeting new people are set, but once it was over I kind of noticed that I spend more time with the people I already knew then with new people. I didn’t really make new friends.

The schedule of the meet was fully planned with visits to comic book stores and other geeky stores, but because of the rainĀ and cold some of us decides to already to go down to the last stop of the schedule and wait for the rest of the group to get there.

First meet of the year under our belt, up to the next! I hope other people who joined the group (approximately 50 people) had fun! I can say I did!