Pukkelpop 2018: Day Two


The first day over, on to the second. After some well-deserved sleep, I once again arrive at the festival grounds and am ready for yet another day of music. Day two for me already, and once again I’m at the festival very early. It’s a bit weird that I want to see all the British indie/rock bands and that they are all on early in the day.

Deaf Havana

The first band of the day, Deaf Havana. Honestly, I only discovered them while listening to a Pukkelpop playlist on Spotify. They opened up the club and even though there weren’t that many people they still brought (what seemed to me) their best game. I really liked it and will listen to their music more.

You me at six

Second of the day was you me at six. I have been listening to their albums in the car for ages now. What an energy they bring to the stage. It really rubs off in the audience. I have to say I didn’t know all the songs but this doesn’t matter as it was brought with such enthusiasm. During the last song, the singer left the stage and just kept on singing in the crowd. Great show, want to see more!

Amber Run

Back to the club for Amber Run. This is another band which I only know through the Spotify playlist. The singer has such a beautiful gravelly voice, I could listen to it for ages. They played well and I will listen to them more in the coming weeks.


Run over to the main stage, this is really the hardest part when a festival has so many stages. I already discovered Kodaline last year at Rock Werchter and when they were announced for Pukkelpop I immediately put them on my to see list. They don’t disappoint. This time around the number of times the singer said ‘Pukkelpop’ in between the songs was minimal or it didn’t bother me that much. A few new songs combined with the fan favorites. Way to go guys. I’m kind of sad I can see you later on the year in Brussels.

Papa Roach

Next up, a band I hadn’t heard about in ages, papa roach. They are one of the harder bands I will see here. I’m very happy they brought a mix between old and new songs which meant I could sing along to some. When they were announced I wondered if they were still relevant and now after seeing them I can say ‘YES’


Last performance for the night, for me at least, N.E.R.D. As I was sitting quite far away it took me a while to recognize Pharell on the screens. They brought a mix of old and new songs but the older and more known ones only came in the second half. That means I had to wait quite sometime before I recognized anything. Apparently, they have a new cd out. They invited anyone with an N.E.R.D. t-shirt on to come on stage. They also asked for circle pits on either side of the security barrier. It was an ok concert, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had known more of their music


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