Rock Werchter 2018: Day Four

rockwerchter2018-headerHow is it possible that this is already the last day of the festival. So many bands have already come and gone, but now there are still some more on the agenda. This is the only day I’ve made plans to meet friends. They are only coming to the festival today and thus we’re hanging out.

George Ezra

This is the second time, I see George Ezra and both times are on a festival. I like his music and now that there are new songs the set is even more rounded.  As we were looking for some shade we didn’t go into the barn or stand in front of the screen. So I didn’t see the performance, I only heard it. His songs are very catchy and I love singing along to him.

David Byrne

We moved into the Barn just before David Byrne. We wanted to get a good spot for Nine Inch Nails. I didn’t know what to expect. He used to be in the band Talking Heads and I figured there would be something I would recognize from the radio. I find it very difficult to describe the performance. The only word that came up in me was surreal. David Byrne, his backing vocals, and band where all in sync with each other.  The stage was very simple and before he started we thought it might not be live music since there were no instruments on stage. This became clear when they started as all of the instruments were carried around. This was something special to see.

Nine Inch Nails

My friend is a very big Nine Inch Nails fan, she bought her ticket for Sunday just because they were performing. We had a nice spot in the middle of the hall.  Maybe a bit of a pity that someone forgot to turn off the lights when Nine Inch Nails started but luckily they turned them off during the first song. Their set was fantastic, exactly what I expect when someone talks about one of their concerts. Some us might have gotten a small whiplash from nodding along but I don’t mind. They recently released a new album but most of the gig was made up of classic songs. Even I could sing along to some of them and I’m a casual NIN listener. Highlights for me personally were Closer, Hand that Feeds and Hurt. Up to hurt the whole feel for me could be summed up as Sex and Filth, but Hurt brought in the emotions.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave started about the same time as Nine Inch Nails finished. We made our way over to the main stage. I had hoped that I might discover Nick Cave here. To be honest the Wall of Sound that really hurt my ears is kind of a turn-off.  Besides the few songs I know that are a bit melancholy I will not start listening to him any time soon

Arctic Monkeys

Final headliner of the festival was Arctic Monkeys. I have been listening to their music ever since they started. The new record is a bit special and I really wanted to know how they would fill a full set with the mixture of songs.  I stayed all the way to the end and loved hearing all the songs (old and new). I do have some grievances like the long-ish pauses between songs and maybe they start to seem to be going through the motions. On the other hand, hello Alex Turner. Ever since that boy found his style, he is really a nice sight to behold. His outfit this time was a mixture between the new 70s lounge bar singer look and the rockabilly look.

All the bands have played, brought music and fun to thousands of people over a stretch of four days. The festival is over for this year. And although it’s early, I’m already wondering what next year will bring!


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