Rock Werchter 2018: Day Three


We’re already on the third day of the festival. Time flies and all that. I’ve already seen so many bands, and once more will try to see a lot of bands today.

Today’s festival day is not that eventful for me. A lot of waiting in between thing I want to see.


I made sure to be on time to see Stereophonics. Man does Kelly still look amazing. Even though (as I’ve said with so bands these few days before) I don’t know that many songs, I loved hearing them. And those few songs that I do know did pass the revue. Their music does work on a sunny day!

After this, I had some time to kill. I moved over to the area between the barn and Klub C and found a spot in the shade. While I was there, the breeders ended their set with one song I know. I still stayed there and listened to Stikstof but really I don’t think they are that good.


The next band I wanted to hear was MGMT. They build up their set smartly with starting and ending with their most known songs. Everything in between was great too. Their music is about the atmosphere they create and man was that there.

Jack Johnson

I crossed the grounds again to catch part of the Jack Johnson. I don’t know his music except for one song but I like the feel of it. I loved it. It’s great music to listen to when it’s warm out. It gives off a feeling of chill. For his last song, he invited Eddie Vedder on stage. The crowd went wild as many were there to see Pearl Jam headline that night.

Jack White

I have a love/hate relationship with the music of Jack White. I need to be in the mood to hear it. It seems it was a good day to see Jack White. The performance was filled with newer work, which I don’t know, older work, which I kind of know, and songs from the White Stripes and even one by the Raconteurs. It was good.

Pearl Jam

I’ve never been into grunge and only know a few Pearl Jam songs. Those are words I didn’t dare say at the festival on Saturday. I wasn’t going to leave before Pearl Jam but since the gig was two hours long I decided to get a feel for Pearl Jam I would stay for half of the concert. The vibe was very good and Eddie Vedder still runs around like he’s twenty


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