Rock Werchter 2018: Day Two


How time flies when you’re having fun. After a very short night, I’m making my way back to the festival grounds. It’s going to be a busy day

On the second day, I arrived 15 minutes before the first performance I wanted to see started.

Air Traffic

I love Air Traffic and I have done so for the last ten years. Well, there aren’t a lot of song in those ten years since they have been on hiatus for about 9 years. They are really making the best of their comeback tour. I started out watching close to the stage but moved back because the sun was smoldering hot. Once in a better spot, cooler is debatable but with other heat measures, I just continued enjoying every second and singing along.

The Kooks

I stayed on my nice spot and when the kooks came along just stayed to enjoy their music. I’m honest in the fact that I haven’t listened to them since they started out but they have this right festival feel going for them. I do think Luke still has the same wardrobe since then. I really love hearing the older songs again.  Way to go nostalgia!

Angus & Julia Stone

Next, I went to Angus & Julia Stone. Just because I know and like one song. I just wanted to know what the rest of the music would be like. It’s hard to describe, it’s kind of folky but not really, very melodic. Julia has a very specific voice. I liked but it’s not something I would put on but don’t mind it. It’s more for casual listening than intent listening.

Snow Patrol

When Angus & Julia Stone finished I looked over my shoulder and saw that Snow Patrol had already started. I thought they would start when the others ended. I ran over to the other side of the field and had only missed one song, no harm done. I’d like to say that Snow Patrol know how to play a festival. They played hit after hit with only a few songs of their new record. The whole field sang along. What an atmosphere!!

Ben Howard

Running across to the other side again, yes it’s one of those days. Ben Howard was next on my planning. I’m still discovering his second and third album and need to be up to speed by the time I’m seeing him later on this year. I love the whole sound of his music but would have loved to be able to sing along to some songs. I would have loved a song I had recognized.

Franz Ferdinand

Next on Franz Ferdinand. What can I say? I know a lot of their songs and they did a big best of performance. I could sing along to all the songs. And Alex Kapranos, wow he still jumps high while playing. I really want to see them again soon, so I hope they will be returning to Belgium in the near future.

During the performances of Ben Howard and Franz Ferdinand, the Belgian national team was playing Brazil in the football world cup quarter-finals. This was also broadcasted at the festival grounds. Whenever something happened during the match it could be heard all over (even over the music playing hard). I opted to enjoy the music but kept google-live on to follow the score. We won!

The Killers

Last band of the evening, all the way from Las Vegas. I had my doubts about the newer songs as I haven’t really listened to them enough to have a feel for them. But this concert was just decadent. From the first note to the last, they just kept going and hit after hit was played. I even knew those few newer songs! The only setback was that sometimes they would drag out the organ pieces before starting a song but that really was the smallest of complaints from my side. They even invited a fan on stage to do a part of the drumming but the kid didn’t start playing at all so they stopped for a second and put their own drummer back on his rightful place.


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