Rock Werchter 2018: Day One


This year, I once more decided to go to the four days of Rock Werchter. The bands that were being announced were so big that I didn’t want to miss them. It will be a very busy 4 days. Let’s hope I can see all the bands I’ve set my heart on seeing.

I arrived during Rae Sremmurd and to be honest I only know one song “Black Beatles”. This type of music isn’t really my thing but it is very summery.

The Vaccines

For the Vaccines, I did something I haven’t done in ages at Rock Werchter. I went to the front, well not the complete front but very close. The advantage of this was that I had shade as the sun was now behind the stage. I have loved the Vaccines from when I first discovered them, but I’m honest enough to say I don’t know all the songs. For me, it’s the vibe they bring. I loved every second of their set and already know I will check out all the songs I didn’t know later in the summer. Top concert!

Alice in Chains

Normally, I wouldn’t watch the next band, Alice in Chains, I don’t even know them but since I want to see the band after them I stayed in my prime little spot. They seem to be some more classic rock. They did remind me of someone else but I just can’t put my finger on it.

The Script

I have been listening to the Script for ages. I couldn’t go see them earlier in the year as at the same time it was Editors. I’m very curious. I loved the whole gig. Yes, I do admit I have a small crush on Danny. But I’ve been singing along to their music for ages and will be listening more in-depth soon as they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary soon and I’m preparing a post. At the moment I can’t sing each song by heart and that showed during the performance. Danny was very energetic and ran from one side of the stage to the other. With one song he even ran between the barriers that split the audience. He also put on a red devils shirt. It seems everyone is supporting the Belgian football team all of a sudden.

Queens of the Stone Age

Then I stayed for one more band on my prime spot.  To be honest, I know about three or four songs by Queens of the Stone Age and they played them all. Besides some decent rock, they also exude sex from the stage. All in all a good show, I did enjoy it, but I’m not going to pick up their music any time soon. Just a few singles I know.


Last of the evening, Gorillaz. I have wanted to see them forever. I have loved anything Damon Albarn has done since the 90s and can’t wait to see this. It seems I really don’t know that many songs by Gorillaz as I thought. As they hadn’t played anything I know 45 minutes into the performance I decided to go home. I think it was a fantastic gig for those who actually know all the songs.


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