Ed Sheeran – Festival grounds Werchter


Last year, when Ed Sheeran performed in Antwerp, I couldn’t get tickets. I was a bit bummed about this. But when his concert was announced at the Werchter festival grounds, I was ready to get up early and try to get tickets. The tickets were released one week after Rock Werchter 2017 and on a Saturday! I was very lucky to get tickets, I think someone had tickets in their basket and either didn’t buy them or their payment didn’t go through because at the moment I could enter the website (after being in the queue for half an hour) I couldn’t select any tickets and just seconds later there they were, available. I didn’t hesitate and now I’m on my way to Werchter for the second time this year!

It’s very strange not to treat this concert as a mini-festival. As these are the festival grounds I have visited so many times before. As the doors opened quite early, about 3 hours before the first supporting artist, I decided to go early. Afterwards, this seems to have been a great plan. I’ve heard of people complaining about the queues to get food & drink coupons and queues. I had none of these issues, no entry queue, just one or two people in front of me to get coupons. Of course, this also meant I had to kill some time. As the sun was blazing, I decided to find one of the few shadowy spots and don’t move from the moment I was there.

Jamie Lawson

I hadn’t heard of him beforee I saw his name on the lineup. I didn’t even bother to listen to him in advance. But when he started playing I did kind of like the music. I looked him up online while he was on, and discovered he’ under the record label of Ed Sheeran. I think once the festivals are through I will give his music a try.

After this performance ther was a small intermezzo and earlier that day,Studio Brussel had launched an event called “ginger gang bang”, where they invited all the gingers to meet up. As I am ginger , I decided to participate. Below you can see the resulting picture of the ginger population attending the concert. The guy in the middle does look like Ed, but I’m quite sure he is not the real man.

Anne – Marie

As Anne-marie is one of the most played pop singers at the moment, I do know some of her songs. She played those hits back to back and I could even sing along to them. As she was wearing quite a warm outfit and it was about 30° that day, yhis migt not have been the best idea. She even said that she was very hot at one moment, and I do think it was clothing related. It was a good set but I wouldn’t go see her if she does a gig. She will be at Rock Werchter later this week and I can already say I’m not going to see her there as I checked her out already. I’m not saying I don’t like the music, just that it’s ok for me to just hear it on the radio.

Ed Sheeran

On to the main event, the man that sold out the Werchter festivalpark in an hour time. It was the first time I got to see Ed Sheeran live and man did I like it. I’ve been listening to his music ever since I heard the BBC live lounge where he performed “You need me, I don’t need you”. I don’t know what to expect, but when he walked on stage, I had expected a band but no the humoungous stage was just filled with this one ginger guy. It was fun to see him build up parts of songs for the loop station and I started guessing which song would follow. The ambiance in the crowd was amazing, everyone singing along and “dancing” along. I think it was during “Nancy Mulligan” that the men who were standing next to me started doing a sort of line dance/jig and other people joined in. A lot of fun, an Ed Sheeran concert. For the encores, Ed came back on stage wearing a number 14 Belgian football team jersey. As the world cup is in full swing, this is a crowd pleaser. He said that although England is still in the running, he thinks Belgium has a better shot at winning. During the final song he waved the Belgian flag around and we all saw that it was fantastic!!!

Going back home after such a fantastic show is never fun, I wanted to stay in the zone. But that bubble bursted as there was a long queue for the busses. Walking at your own pace was no longer possible and we shuffled along. That was the only negative side of the day for me.


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