Avengers: Infinity War


Ten years of Marvel superhero films has to cumulate to something. This film is what it’s all been building up to. Who would have thought that Iron Man would start all this? After becoming a high grossing company and being under the wings of Disney, what’s next? Earlier this year, Black Panther already had great box-office numbers and I wonder if this film can go even higher. From the trailer and the poster, I assume that every one of the heroes from the past ten years will be in this film. Will they win or lose? What will happen? I’m very curious to see the film!

In general, they did deliver on making the biggest superhero filled film. In advance, I had heard that there would be significant deaths, I didn’t expect them to happen in the first fifteen minutes though. The film actually happens right after the events of Thor: Ragnarok. This is where Thanos gets his first stone. Heimdall uses the power of the gods one last time to call the Bifrost and transport Hulk to earth.

Hulk smashes into the Sanctum Sanctorum. This way we land into the world of Doctor Strange. I’m not going to retell the whole film here but things happen and Dr Strange is kidnapped because he possesses the Time stone and refuses to give it up.

Thor gets picked up by Guardians of the Galaxy, and hello 80s music and Guardians humor. I love teenage Groot here, playing a defenders game.

Then there are the scenes in Scotland, where Vision and Wanda have been trying to give their relationship a go. I love the fact that Vision has a human look here. As one of the stones is embedded into Vision’s head, they also get attacked. They get assistance in fighting the baddies from Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon.

if you want more plot than this, you really should see the film as I won’t tell anything more.

As you can see more and more of the characters we know and love are turning up more and more as the film progresses. It’s not that easy to merge all the films together as they have their own setup and humor. I think that’s why there are slight crossovers before going full on into the other film style.

As I said in the beginning that there would be significant deaths, they were not kidding. I had thought a few people will die and especially one of my favorite characters in the universe, Captain America (there are possibilities for replacement if you look at the comic book storylines), but I didn’t expect the number of deaths that happened.

At the end of the film, I was sitting gobsmacked in my chair, not knowing what to say. It was quite shocking how many characters died. How will they get them back? What will happen next? How will they win from Thanos?

As this is part one of two films and the next one won’t be until 2020, it’s a long wait to see what happens next.

PS. When Marvel released the trailer, the stills, and poster, we all expected Hulk to fight the end battle (not happening), also Ant-Man is on the poster but not in the film. They tried to keep as many spoilers from us as was possible, this time they succeeded as I hadn’t seen this story coming at all


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