Sam Smith – Sportpaleis

billboard (1).jpg

Up till now I’ve regretted the fact that I haven’t seen Sam Smith live yet. I was very happy when I got tickets for the new “The Thrill of it all” tour.¬† As he will be playing in one of the biggest venues in Belgium, I now kind of regret not seeing him in a smaller venue since his music would come out more in an intimate (read smaller) setting. But now I get to see him sing for the first time and I’m looking forward to it!

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Avengers: Infinity War

Ten years of Marvel superhero films has to cumulate to something. This film is what it’s all been building up to. Who would have thought that Iron Man would start all this? After becoming a high grossing company and being under the wings of Disney, what’s next? Earlier this year, Black Panther already had great box-office numbers and I wonder if this film can go even higher. From the trailer and the poster, I assume that every one of the heroes from the past ten years will be in this film. Will they win or lose? What will happen? I’m very curious to see the film!

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Air Traffic – AB


Ten years ago, I loved the album Fractured life but never got to see Air Traffic life. Last year when they performed in het¬†Depot in Leuven (three days in a row) I didn’t get tickets because I would be going to Lady Gaga the same weekend (and this concert got postponed). So when I saw that they would be playing the AB in Brussels, I didn’t hesitate and immediately got tickets. This concert (Saturday) sold out, and a second was planned for the Sunday. I’m happy to have gotten tickets for Saturday as this is an ideal concert night (compared to one during the week). I’m very curious to see which songs they will perform since there has been talking about a second album but only a single has been released.

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Fall Out Boy – Vorst Nationaal


During the last few years, I’ve been getting back into Fall out Boy more and more. Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing. But when they released their latest album Mania, a tour could not stay behind for long. Originally they did a small teaser tour in Europe but they only went to Germany and the United Kingdom (which are easy to go to for me). So when they did announce the full tour and Belgium was on the agenda, I used my “fan-code” and got my tickets a day early. In hindsight, this wasn’t really necessary since the concert didn’t sell out.

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