Imagine Dragons – Rockhall


Since I saw Imagine Dragons last year at Rock Werchter, I started listening to the albums they released. I discovered that I really liked the music they make and when it was announced that they would be coming to Europe for a concert hall tour, I was very excited. Normally I would go to the concert in Antwerp but because the tickets were released while I was on holiday and sold out quite quickly, I opted to drive to Luxembourg and see them there. I can only choose that option if a concert in Luxembourg is on a Saturday, which this one is.

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Pitch Perfect 3


This is the last film in the Pitch Perfect series. As the Pitches have all graduated the original setup is no longer there (acapella group at a school). I was a fan of the first film, the second one was already the typical sequel type of film, so now I’m wondering what the last one will be like.

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Black Panther

blakc panther.jpg

I’ve heard many good things about this film already, like the black community is a big fan.  On the poster, there are only 2 Caucasian actors (Andy Serkis & Martin Freeman). The story is supposedly taking place in Wakanda (a fictitious land somewhere in Africa) and it’s a good thing then that they chose for a black cast, as it wouldn’t be logical otherwise. When I saw the trailer, I was already surprised with the fact that all the people in Wakanda are very kickass, it’s not just the prince (black panther). It might just be that they are warrior people, this I still need to discover when I see the film.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi


The latest installment of the Star Wars saga. After being introduced to the new array of characters in the seventh episode, I now want to know how the characters are developed more, if expected storylines will happen, is Kylo Ren really evil or only posing. Of course, the question on everyone’s lips is “Luke Skywalker?”. As we only saw Mark Hamill at the end of the previous episode and he didn’t have any lines, we want to know more.

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NT Live: Angels in America – Millenium Approaches


I keep going to this plays that are broadcasted in the cinema. I don’t even look anymore at a summary of the play before deciding to go. I hope to be surprised by the stories. I do know that the Shakespearean plays are following the strict scripts of that time although they are sometimes represented much more modern. But here with Angels in America, I had no idea at all what it’s about. So it was a big discovery.  This is part one of two and I will also go watch the second part next month.

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Murder on the Orient Express


I had put this film on my to see film ever since I saw the announcement of Kenneth Branagh making it.  Knowing Branagh, I have high hopes since he really makes good films and can actually act but this is a harder topic since everyone knows Hercule Poirot and identifies the character with the actor David Suchet. I was really wondering if Kenneth Branagh, who would be taking the role of the Belgian detective, would do a good job.

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