Lady Gaga – Sportpaleis


When the tickets were announced, I immediately contacted my friends who would like to go to the concert. Weirdly enough, those girls are not the ones you would expect to like Lady Gaga.  The concert was originally planned for October 1st, 2017 but due to health issues it had to be moved and on January 22nd was the new date that was announced.  When the date came closer, I started listening more songs from the multiple albums. I do confess I can’t sing along with all the songs that weren’t released as singles. I still can’t even after the concert.

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Justice League

BeFunky Collage.jpg

After Superman vs Batman and Wonder Woman, I have high hopes for this story.  They have been building up the other characters in the other films in small flashes. We know they are going to be in the film.  After the death of Superman in Superman vs Batman, I wonder what will happen next in this DC world.

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Millionaire – Muziekodroom, Hasselt


I was a bit late in getting tickets for the show in Leuven, so I was very happy when I saw Muziekodroom in Hasselt was also getting a concert of Millionaire. This is more of a home match as the singer originally live close to Hasselt.
Even though I hadn’t heard any of the new songs before going to the concert, I enjoyed the whole concert. The feeling for me was mostly nostalgia. Music by Millionaire gives me such an early 2000 feel. There wasn’t a minute that I thought ‘please play a song I know’. The crowd really was hopping and when the first notes of ‘I’m on a high’ started playing everyone began singing along as loud as they could. You could really feel and see that a lot of people where there that wanted to see what Millionaire was doing now and hoped it was still as good before

I’m keeping my eye out for more concerts now…