15 years All-American Rejects

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I have been listening to the All-American Rejects ever since their first album was released.  I remember telling friends about them and they would look at me as if I invented a band, but also other friends that were borrowing my copy of the CD. Later on, I have been talking about nostalgia with friends about this band and have discovered that friends I made long after the first album was released have been into the band too.

The All-American Rejects

The first and self-titled album, and where my discovery of this band started. And as this is the first album, I find it suited to start off with the song that started it all for me. Over the years I have found that there are at least two versions of the album and certain song sound slightly different.  So the song I chose to start with is “Swing,Swing” but there are so many other beautiful songs on the album.

Wish cast into the sky
I’m moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise
She knows I was wrong
The notes are old,
They bend, they fold
And so do I to a new love

Move Along

This is the second album and I was still really listening to each and every song of the albums. Whenever I get this album on I have so much nostalgia for the time when this album was released. Choosing a song is harder here since there are quite some catchy songs on here that I think were placed on the album because they wanted to break through and get more airtime with their songs. I’m not picking one of the singles but a song that I still sing along to right now and is still present on my playlist: “Dance Inside”:

What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you

When the world comes down

By the time this album was released, I was listening to so many bands that I  have to admit that I didn’t listen to all songs in the beginning. I started doing this at the moment nostalgia was hitting me, and then all of a sudden I discovered some songs I never had heard before.  There are so many songs that are easy to sing along to but I’m choosing a ballad “Mona Lisa (When the world comes down)”

Here’s another pity 
And there’s another chance
Try to learn a lesson 
But you can’t.
If we can burn a city 
In futures and in past,
Without a change our lives will never last.
Cause we’re going fast.

Kids in the street

This is the last studio album which was released and this has already been some time now. During the later albums, it seems that I haven’t really listened to the album as a whole but am drawn to certain songs. The little gem that I only recently discovered on this album is “Heartbeat slowing down”:

Here you left scattered
Like wishes I led to your room
Bury my face in your pillow
Just to smell your perfume
Outside I’m hungry
But inside I’m just consumed
Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe
Losing you is choking me

This last album is already from 2012 and there are reports they are working on new material. There was a single in 2015 called “There is a place” and very recent in July they released “Sweat”. So my hopes are high for new songs soon and maybe even a tour since I still have to see them live!


One thought on “15 years All-American Rejects

  1. clarissalistenstoitall says:

    This brings back the memories. They made such good music and their music video for Sweat was nothing short of amazing. Tyson in drag and doing a dance routine gave me life. I really hope they find more success in this day and age of EDM.


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