Pukkelpop 2017: Day Two


Another day, another bunch of artists to see. Today I have four performances planned, so let’s get this day started.

George Ezra

I started listening to his songs when Budapest was releases. I’m not always in the mood for them but a live performance is always a bit different. I really loved his show. He dedicated the song Barcelona to the people that were hurt yesterday in that city, which I thibk was very considerate of him. The rest of the show was filled with newer and already known songs. My whole feel was this is a cheeky Brit with catchy tunes. I liked it a lot.


To be honest, I know like one song of her from the huntsman soundtrack and if you count collaborations, I also know the Chainsmokers track. Also I started moving in, closer to the middle gate area before her performance since I wanted a goid spot for Bastille. So going from those things, I can say I found her set very entertaining and am even going.to say that I willl check out more on spotify.

London Grammar

So as I mentioned above, I was standing at the middle gate, in the middle of the crowd already. I have loved their music ever since I heard strong, but as I had never seen them.live I was wondering if their music had the same power on the main stage at a festival. I can now sat that it does. Hannah has the voice of an angel that goes through you.  I know I will need to check more of their songs now but I sang along to all the ones I know (or tried to I can’t hit those high notes)


This is the band I really wanted to see today. After having seen them live in February, I now wanted to see them from way up close, where you can really feel the audience. My little spot was perfect. This time around I could sing along with all the songs and dance/jump/move (as much you can if the audience is quite packed).  This time Dan only once ventured into the crowd (between the gates) and big sap that I am touched his hand.  I always rediscover the vocal range of Dan, really high or low, he can do it all. For those not paying attention to the stage though, you missed out on the spectacular moves of the sax player.

One more day to go, but now some rest to start the last day with an awake mind


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