Pukkelpop 2017: Day Three


Last day, still a few things to check out. Without further ado, let’s start this day

Jake bugg

Ever since Jake brought out ‘Lightning bolt’ I’ve heard songs of his passing along on the radio. Because I haven’t done any of the big festivals I haven’t had the possibility to see him yet. That changed today! At the early-ish time of ten to four his set started and the vibe he brings waved over the field. He brought some songs accoustic (I think in preperation of his accoustic tour). Very weird to see him all alone on that big main stage. All in all very entertaining and making me want to dig in deeper into his repertoire again.

The pretty reckless

After having heard so many mixed comments about this bands live performanced, I wanted to see it for myself. And I am going to join the negative camp here. For me her voice is not strong enough to overmaster the guitars. Also for such a pretty girl to run around with her hair in her face all the time, where is your podium face. Besides that, the songs sounded worst than on cd. How is that even possible? How much remastering  happened? Conclusing: good on cd, live a bit crap!

First Aid Kit

A day of discovery, and yes I admit I have once listened to this band for a few songs. I now know that a few songs is about as long as I can listen to this band before thinking all the songs are the same.  I don’t mind their music, I even like it when it pops up in between other tracks but a whole show, not my thing or just me not knowing enough of their music for me to keep listening to a whole set.

Bear’s den

I have heard as a desciption of this band: campfire rock. I have heard them on the radio before but now was wondering if a concert where I know no songs(to sing along to) would keep my entertained.  And they did keep me entertained from start to end. This is the second artist this weekend that I will need to check out more later on.

Mumford and Sons

Then, the for me headliner of the festival, started. It’s the last band I have seen for pukkelpop 2017. I have loved thir first two albums and with the more rock vibe that they had swung to, well I wasn’t so sure about it. But sometimes it takes a live show to start appreciating a new turn a band has taken. I loved the show and since they played a lot of songs from those first two albums I even could sing along. It keeps amazing me how many instruments thise guys can play and how often they switch. It was a great set showcasing really their hits and some new songs.  I am going to check out that third album now and wait on new work that is on the way…

This is the end of pukkelpop for yet another year. We’ll see what the line up will be next year and decide to attend depending on that.


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