Pukkelpop 2017: Day One

This is my second and last big festival of the summer, from now on the bands will start announcing their autumn tours and I will start looking for concerts to see during the rest of the year. I don’t have an overfull planning for Pukkelpop but this festival has always been more chill than Rock Werchter for me.

So on to the bands/artists…


Recently I have been getting into grime and I decided to check this out. Although the beats are typical for the genre, I felt it a bit monotone. This is what festivals are for… making sure things you think you like can keep you entertained for an hour. This didn’t.


As stated on the lineup of the festival, they brought their first record ‘Turn on the bright lights’ integrally. This is not the album that I know that would be ‘Antics’ (the second album). So I could’t realy sing along with any of the songs, except one…they did one song from the album I know, Evil. But not being able to sing along was not so bad since the show was suite entertaining. Side nite, I don’t know if this is usual for the band but their wasn’t a lot of interaction with the audience. It might just have been since they needed to fit the album in their allotted slot.


When Editors started, way back in 2005, I loved their music and could sibg along to each if the songs of the first two albums. I went to quite a few of their shows back then too.  Somewhere around the third album, I had a feeling that the music they were making wasn’t really my thing anymore but that didn’t stop me from checking out the third and fourth album. Neither of those albums made me rush back to see them live. I took the opportunity now at the festival to see them perform again. I am happy that they did a lot of the older songs and have to admit that I hadn’t heard any of the songs of the last album and now I will have to check that one out since they had some songs that are very good in the set. It was a fun set with fireworks, pyro and confetti. Now I might think of going to one of their shows again (concerthall).


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