What we learned by following SDCC 2017 online – Day Four


Last day of SDCC, still had a few gems to bring us, and my favorite show was featured on this day.


Before the panel started, Kansas performed “Carry on my wayward son”, a fan favorite that has been featured on the show before.

After almost everyone dying at the end of the previous season, the question on everyone’s lips is :” Is Castiel dead?” – Misha says he’s not going anywhere


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Doctor Who

The season finale has just been broadcasted, we’ve seen the doctor almost regenerating but what will the Christmas special bring?


Steven Moffat:” A lot of people in this room are feeling exactly as I do. So many press articles are about the backlash among the doctor who fandom against the casting of a female doctor. There has been no backlash at all. The story of the moment is that the notionally conservative doctor who fandom has utterly embraced that change completely. 80% approval on social media (not that I check these things obsessively). and yet so many people wanting to pretend there is a problem. There isn’t! In fact, it strikes me, the doctor who fans are more excited about the idea of a brilliant actress playing the part than the fact that she is a woman. It’s been incredibly progressive and enlightened and that’s what has really happened. I wish that every single journalist who is writing the alternative would shut the hell up. It’s not true!”

Chris Hardwick: “Also, if you call yourself a fan of doctor who, you innately could not be upset by that because time lords can regenerate into anything, you’re an $*ssh*$le if you are. You’re not a real fan of the show if you don’t accept this. It’s 100% within everything about it”

Peter Capaldi: “I never had a standing ovation before. Do I stand? What a great show! Every shot, you saw there came through this gentleman’s mind [Steven Moffat], through his eyes, through his sensibility, through his generosity. He’s put together an incredible team, he’s incredibly gifted artist. But the message of kindness comes from his heart and also the creation of a female doctor comes really from the creation of a female master, played so beautifully by Michelle [Gomez] who has delivered a multilayered, sinister and fabulous performance, for which I’m deeply grateful. So Jodie [Whittaker], the idea of a time lord being both male and female came from Steven. Pearl [Mackie] has been an absolute magnificent new contribution to the show. She stepped into this juggernaut that we have and brought us a real, living character in Bill Potts, who has her feet on the ground and her heart in the stars. Which is where we all want to be, right?  Matt [Lucas] has come along and delivered a fabulous creation, a whole brand new thing, an alien being who is a sidekick, who is a little bit scary, a little bit funny and a huge contribution to the show. He has come into it with a generosity of spirit and kindness. This is a man who is immensely famous, immensely talented and he stepped up to the plate in our show with humility and grace. And made season 10 one of the most special seasons ever. Mark [Gatiss], what can I say about Mark? He’s a great, great friend, a great lover and supporter of Doctor Who. I know that sounds a bit odd, that Doctor Who needs lovers and supporters, but the show hasn’t always enjoyed the success that it enjoys at the moment. It has not always been the most popular show to hang your coat on. Mark has always been there for the show. He has written some of the most fabulous episodes and I’m so thrilled that he’s finally been able to appear in the show.”

Steven Moffat: ” If you take continuity seriously, and be honest you all do, there isn’t any doubt about this. I’m sorry, but it was established in the War Machines that his name is Doctor Who. He was called Doctor Who. And when people call out to you [Peter] on the street, they don’t say “hello the doctor”, they say “Doctor Who”. He doesn’t often call himself Doctor Who because it’s a bloody stupid name. But he signs himself doctor W. The Third doctor has a car with Who on the license plate. He is not a master of subtlety. He thought in order to be mysterious I’ll call myself doctor Who. However, if you prefer to believe that he calls himself the doctor and that it’s just the name of the show, that’s also equally true. Because what would doctor who continuity be without blatant and unresolvable contradictions”


Peter, what is your doctor’s most iconic moment? I think, my iconic moment was decided for me, which is as the best iconic moments always are.  Which is where my eyes appeared in the 50th anniversary special and that’s sort of, I guess, what my doctor was going to be, a middle-aged Scotsman with hairy eyebrows, of which there are many.

What are everyone’s favorite doctors and companions? Steven: ” I can now reveal it because I quit. My favorite doctor is doctor who. Other doctors hang around hospitals and cure colds, they are just rubbish, have you seen them? No alien robots, no time machines and they are not worthy of the name doctor. Doctor who is awesome.”

Any improvised moments? Matt: “Well Peter and Pearl are both looking at me. I kept putting things in and I’m sorry about that. There’s a few, I said “some of my best friends are blue-ish”, that was one of mine. There are a few. We probably all put stuff in. But I was the naughtiest one. I improvised too much, to be honest.” Steven:” And then there’s the edit. That’s not fair. Actually, my favorite addition that you put in, it wasn’t actually a funny line, it was just after the doctor had said the lemon drops line, you add “You are very silly sometimes” and I loved that line.”

A question for Steven & Mark, now you’ve worked with Peter as the doctor, would you be interested in having him be a professor with the last name Van Helsing? Steven: “What, Van Helsing? Are you trying to get Peter work? Peter, it’s not OK to slip them a fiver and let them make these requests. We are going to work with you again. It’s not over!” Peter:” I didn’t know my sister was American”

There are a lot of great monsters and creatures in the Doctor Who universe, and I’m wondering if you have ever thought of something on your own and tried to bring it up. Anything you wanted to see that has been denied, or that you haven’t talked about it ever? Michelle: ” Rubber gloves, rubber gloves coming alive. Just of the cuff there, great rubber yellow marigolds, that just keep coming at you” Matt: ” I suggested a monster that makes everyone gay, particular men between the ages of 22 and 28, but they didn’t go for that.” Pearl: “Was there a particular monster I wanted to see on the show? Maybe, I’m thinking about a kind of hair monster. I feel like there is a lot of hair going on, on the show. Maybe some kind of wig that consumes you, and gives you an afro.”

Steven, do you feel like you did everything you wanted to do? So you feel that there is anything left out there? Steven: ” There is loads of Doctor who left out there. It still has an other 400 years to run. That’s fine. I mean, no, I’ve written 42 episodes and have rewritten the same number again. I’ve done as much as I can think of. I think what got me through the end, was knowing there was a finish line. I love this show more than anything other than I will ever do, I know that but I feel there comes a point where you’ve kind of done everything you can think of, I can think of. It’s time for somebody else to come in and have much better ideas than me. That’s the way it works.It’s emotional to leave though mostly the moment I’m having the emotion to thinking – Hey, I’ve got time off. But the main thing I’ll miss, I suppose is this, I literally in my life will never sit in a room of 7000 people I am irritating again. It’s a unique experience.”



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