What we learned by following SDCC 2017 online – Day Two



On to day two, I will tell all the information I found on the panels that are interesting to me and some trailers that were released.

The Big Bang Theory

During the panel, many questions were asked and answered

  • Which comic con is the most memorable (they have been coming to comic con for 10 years)? The first year Simon and Johnny decided to rent a motor boat and take the cast on the water. But none of them coat “drive” the boat
  • What was the atmosphere on set like during the scene where Sheldon proposes to Amy? Everyone behind the camera was very emotional. They had been working up to that moment and it was so beautiful.
  • Do the actors change in front of each other? They were sure they had. Kunal has seen Simon wriggle into those tight pants more times than he would like
  • Would the actors be friends with the writers in real life? On many shows, there is a chasm between the cast and the writers but that is not the case on this show
  • What was the hot tub scene like between Kunal and Kevin? It was a little disgusting, not because of Kevin. But the hot tub was dirty and there were lights beneath. It was quite awkward.

After this the questions came from the audience:

  • Does Kaley have a maiden name in her head for Penny? She has one in her head of what it is, but right now it’s Penny Hofstadter. We like to think that it’s Penny, like Cher or Ariel.
  • What do you guys like to geek out to? Everyone has something like for example board games. For Kunal it’s Star Wars, his dog is called Boba Fett and they are going to get another one and will call them Jango
  • Any stories about pranks or surprises? There was one during the Valentines episode of season 6 and the scene there was fighting and Johnny and Kaley thought it would be funny for the gag reel to take it too far. It was all setup. So they did it and Kaley fell over and the chair hit her in the head and there was blood gushing out of the wound. After this, there were signs like “No more fun allowed”.
  • Is there anything that you want to happen to your characters next season? Not really, the cast trusts the writers. They don’t know what will happen to their characters as they only get the script before the shoot.
  • What famous guest star generated a fanboy/girl moment? Bob Newhart, Will Wheaton, Adam West, Danica McKellar, Leonard Nimoy, Lavar Burton, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Lloyd, Billy Bob Thornton
  • If time travel was real, to what part of the show would you go back to change the scene or relive it? The writers say, they would go forward so that all the scripts would be written. One of the answers is ‘The first time Penny said “I love you” to Leanord.
  • Which character would you like to switch to (different of your own)?  Kaley says she wants to switch with Cinnamon (the dog), Kunal says he’d like to switch with Penny (she gets the best outfits), Kevin wouldn’t mind being Wolowitz (he’s tired of being the third wheel), Johnny always thought Kevin would make a good Leonard.
  • Do any of the stories come from the real lives of the writers? A lot of the writer’s room is them telling stories of their lives and making fun of them.
  • What is the most memorable scene/ episode that you’ve recorded? If you had a chance to re-record it what would you do? Kunal is always doubting himself when he rewatches himself, for Kaley the different hair styles. If Kevin could go back he wouldn’t touch Kunal’s feet that much in the hot tub scene

The panel closes with a “Soft Kitty” sing-a-long with a few extra animals included.


Another show where I’m hopelessly behind on watching. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what will be happening. Ever since I read the comic book series, I have had an eye out for anything iZombie.

The Gifted

This is one of the next X-Men related shows. It’s about two parents that find out that their children have mutant abilities. I’m looking forward to this.


As Preacher is returning for a second season. Here is the special SDCC trailer for the second season

The Tick

Just before San Diego Comic Con, the trailer for the Tick was released. At the con there was a panel about this movie.


The season three trailer was released just before SDCC started. I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the Claire – Jamie – Frank story.

At SDCC, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Huegan, together with other cast members, the producer and Diana Gabaldon (writer of the books) answer questions about the show.


Marvel’s The defenders

There was a very special Stan Lee trailer for the Defenders with at the end of it the teaser for the series “The Punisher”.

We know that Netflix had already ordered a third season of Daredevil  – Season 2 of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are being taped and production of Season 2 of Iron Fist will start soon.

At the end of the panel, there was a surprise appearance by Jon Bernthal. They are busy filming The Punisher.  They are doing their best to make it right (for the ladies and gentlemen in law enforcement but also to the comic fans).


With Season 5 on the way, a trailer for Vikings was shown. As this is a show I’m not watching at the moment I’m not going to go in deep on this one. This is just for those who read the blog and like the show.


DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the videos, they rightfully belong to the studios that released them or other youtubers!


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