What we learned by following SDCC 2017 online – Day One


A year has passed since my last SDCC post. This year, once again I wasn’t able to go to San Diego and attend the big convention.  Like last year, I will list all the things I found interesting by following the coverage online. I will split the info up into the four days of the convention since there is quite a lot of info that was shared on each day.

Day 1


During the Ghostbusters panel, multiple movies were teased. Firstly an animated movie, which might bring back the original characters but could also mean a new animated startup (like we used to have – thinking back at animated series here). Beside this, they also hinted to a sequel of the film which was released last year. They didn’t specify if it would be with the ladies, since this version kind of bombed at the box office.

With 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters on the way in 2019, something should be on the way.

John Barrowman – Anything Goes Panel

On day one, John Barrowman appeared on stage in his very own panel, wearing a Tardis dress. He stated being happy with the new casting for the Doctor. It doesn’t matter what they decide at Doctor Who, we will always go for it. And this is because the devoted fans who really believe in the world of Doctor Who, can see the doctor generated in whomever. If that is a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter We’ve known John to shock people with his cosplays since last year with his ultra-short Zip Brannigan outfit. But honestly, I love this Tardis dress. IMG_9093-copy

In Barrowman style, the panel was filled with anecdotes of his life and yes they are funny stories. The stories included “shaving his hair and going grey for his 50th birthday”, “Scott jumping in the jacuzzi naked while John was live on Facebook”, “the speedo story (with Stephen Amell)”.

The all round entertainer he is, he also sang his rendition of “Copacabana”. This is one of these things I would have loved to have seen live.

In a separate panel during the weekend, John joined by his sister Carole talked about their upcoming comic “The Cursed”. What’s funny about this separate panel is that John slips into his Scottish accent to explain what a sgian-dhub that is used in the story.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

A lot of the cast are in attendance during the panel for the sequel to Kingsmen. I had already seen the teaser and first trailer before the panel but now there is a second full trailer which is really fun to see. They do show a sort of next level to Kingsman. I can’t wait to see it now.

The film is still being edited at the moment.

Sherlock Comics with Stephen Moffat

Showrunners Stephen Moffat and Sue Vertue were at the panel. During this panel, the Sherlock comics were shown. According to the panel, the reason the episodes are being adapted is to bring the world of Sherlock into another media type.  The next story (as in the TV series) that will be next is “The Great Game”.

The hope for new Sherlock is kept alive. Although this would not be for tomorrow.  It will depend on the careers of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, but if they have time why not.

The thing they’ve been teasing is “There is something we are working on”, but logically my mind say that will be their adaptation of “Dracula” which was already mentioned before.


As I’ve not yet started to watch this show, and I’ve only read the first book in the series, I’m not going to watch the whole panel (might be spoiled). But for those wanting to see it, here is the trailer for the second season:

Teen Wolf

The final part of Teen Wolf will start soon and during the panel, they showed the trailer for season 6B. Even though I’m not up to date with this show, it seems very interesting.

Van Helsing

As I’m behind on TV shows, anyway and haven’t started anything new in the last year, I have put this show on the list. I’ve liked the idea of Van Helsing and hunting vampires ever since I saw a Van Helsing film a few years back. Here is the trailer for the second season:


In  the fall of this year, a new show will start on Fox called “Ghosted”. Since this is a show where the supernatural is touched, they had to be at Comic Con.  The main actors are Adam Scott (of Parcs & Recs fame) and Graig Robinson (Hot tub time machine). I’m thinking that this will be a very funy show.

Marvel’s Inhumans

We’ve known for a while now that Inhumans will be on the way. A few weeks back we already got a trailer and now there is the special trailer for SDCC.

This series has not yet started and people are already very opinionated about it.


DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the videos, they rightfully belong to the studios that released them or other youtubers!




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