Rock Werchter 2017 Day Four


Last day, these four days flew by so fast… on the other hand, my legs will be happy to rest tomorrow. Since I’ve been going back and forth each day and the bus stop is about two kilometers from the festival terrain, I have been walking loads and that’s not counting going from one stage to the next.

But then the important part, the bands

The Lumineers

I have sporadically listened to songs on their first album but can hardly say I know more than a few songs. I did want to see them but more because of the vibe of their folky music than the songs. And I did love the feel that folk music brings when the sun is out. I wanted to dance but I can’t dance so I just hopped around


I’ve heard songs of this band on and off while listening to BBC radio one. So I knew the type of music they make and even that I like some of their songs. Now, to be honest, I do love the vibe and the feel of their songs but I think in the long run I don’t know enough of their songs to really get into it. It took a long time before they started playing songs that I knew… those I did enjoy a lot… I don’t think I would go to a show of theirs if it wasn’t at a festival in the future…I know way too little of their song.

Foo Fighters

The final band of the whole festival. Could you think of any other band to headline a festival like this? After having to cancel two years ago, due to Dave Grohl braking his foot, they now came back and played like crazy. I will never say that I’m the biggest Foo Fighter fan but I do know quite some of their songs. Most of the songs they played were very familiar to me, which means to me that they were most likely doing their hits with maybe here and there new songs hidden away.  I kind of have grown up with Foo Fighters somewhere in the background. They have been around for twenty-two years and that really means since I was about twelve. There is a lot of nostalgia when they play older songs like “My Hero” or even “Learn to Fly” and “Monkeywrench” (on the guitar Dave received from Studio Brussel which was signed by the fans). They really breathe pure rock, even though that sometimes makes the songs last triple as long as they should because they are doing solos and intermezzos in them. It’s still great fun to see them. I have to be honest I didn’t stay till the very end. When leaving the festival grounds I still heard what they were playing for a while so I think in total I missed fifteen minutes of their performance.


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