Rock Werchter 2017 Day Three


Day three started off rainy, so I left for the festival grounds all packed into sweater and a coat… still rocking shorts though, cold legs or not I don’t want to ruin long trousers

Charlie XcX

When I arrived, concert hall made my way over to Klub C where Charlie XcX would be performing next. Since I prefer not to go into concert hall since they sort of lock it, I looked for a spot on the bleachers outside so I could follow the concert. I noticed during the set how many songs I actually know and those I don’t know don’t get boring. Women power on stage, although she was barely dressed in more than a crop top and hot pants… So much energy and so many of the collabs she worked on. I loved hit after hit!


Lovely folky rock feel… I love this type of music but don’t know much about this band. I have heard of them before of course but that was like one song. So I was checking them out to know if I would like more of their stuff… turns out I do… when I get home after the festival I need to check the rest of their songs… listening to it here, transports me to some idyllic place. The songs «High Hopes» and «all I want» gave me goosebumps. One bad point to the show.. the singer having to say «Rock Werchter» in a lot of songs to let the crowd cheer… not necessary once or twice would be fine…

Blink 182

One of the two bands with a high nostalgia factor of the day. This they also seem to know that the hits are what will make the people move. It’s one hit after the other. I couldn’t stand still. They brought a few new songs but they still have the same feel as before. I’m a little sad that I couldn’t have seen them in original setup since Tom is no longer in the band. It will never sound the same as before but I think this is the best replacement they could find. One more thing…To my hearing, the microphone Mark was using wasn’t calibrated correctly so his voice sometimes didn’t come through… all in all fun concert which made me feel 20 again.


I only got to see part of the set since I waited until Blink 182 to end their set… I think I’m really forming a fondness of this folky sound… the songs are so pure and frail in their pureness. I was happy to catch the breakthrough song «let him go», really so beautiful. After this, they also did a cover of Tracy Chapman’s «Fast Car» which is a beautiful song on its own, but they did it wonderfully so that I felt it really go through me. I need to listen more to this band!

System of a down

Only one thing to say…. this band is slightly too hard for me. This means it’s just waiting through it for the headliner… if they were the last act of the night I would have gone home.

Linkin Park

More nostalgia… what started with newer songs soon became hit after hits. The crowd around me loved this, me being part of it. There is nothing as much fun as telling «shut up» at the top of your longs together with thousands of people. I sang/shouter along with so many songs, really too many to name. I feared that I had to wait for ages before I knew something since I hadn’t followed all the new songs over the years.  About halfway through there was a slowed down part and the songs were so emotional that I actually had tears in my eyes. This got even better/more tearful when they did a slowed down version of crawling.  Truly, this was the worthy closer of the third day.


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