Rock Werchter 2017 Day Two


More music to see and hear, what will today bring…

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

I had put this band on my «I need to see this» list. As I arrived they were about to start so I just looked for a good spot and waited. This music with a feel of a few decades gone by really felt good with the sun coming out.  It’s crazy how this type of music just puts a smile on the face and makes people move. You just can’t stand still…A crowd pleaser and final song SOB just send the ooh oohs over the field even when the band finished.

White Lies

Another band I absolutely wanted to see. I have been listening to their songs ever since I saw their performance at Glastonbury on BBC a few years back. As usual lately, I couldn’t sing along to all of the songs but for me, their music is more about the feeling of it all so that wasn’t needed. I love the fact that the singer has learned to interact with the audience. So much better than standing still behind the microphone. I danced along (although this is more like dancing to Joy Division). I wish it could have been longer.

Royal blood

The contest «who can make the most noise with 2 instruments» goes to this band. What noises you can make with drums and a bass guitar, these two gentlemen are experts in that. This is another band that I’ve heard now and again and said let me check them out. There really is a lot of noise coming through the speakers, and sometimes there is a bit of a Wolfmother feel. However, heir own hits make the field go crazy.


After Royal Blood, I made my way over to the barn. Well, not exactly the barn, cause that was full up already. This is the only Belgian band on my planning. I only know the songs that I’ve heard on the radio, and that was all I liked… in more than the half of the song I didn’t know they lost me… For me, this wasn’t such a good show to see… I think you need to know each and every of their songs to like this…I will keep listening to their songs on the radio but don’t think I’ll put effort into getting to know all the songs.

The Pretenders

Since I was sitting outside, I had to wait until Bazart finished their set (they went over time). But then suddenly Chrissie Hynde and band started blaring out of the sound system… A few songs in they already played «don’t get me wrong» and «back on the chaingang»… this is so different to the other bands these days since they keep their best-known songs until the end of the set. This is what I expect of a classic rock band.. fantastic classic rock from beginning till end.


I had high hopes for this band since I do know some of their songs. This some of their songs is however not enough for a concert of two hours. I did stick around until the end when the songs I did know started being played. These songs are crowd pleasers and everyone sings along to them but the «loungy», «experimental», «not so known by general festival goer» was not my thing. Another thing,  they were scheduled to play two hours and a half but after two hours it was over. I thought they are playing hits now and this will go on with this for half an hour… but sadly no.

On another note, since I am doing the festival on my own, it sometimes seems that I sit sadly on my own. Not that I mind that much but it seems people took pity on me and during Radiohead I first had some South African girls ask me to take a picture with them and later I was invited to sit with some people «so I wouldn’t be on my own». To them, thank you for including me shortly in your group!


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