Don Juan in Soho -Wyndham’s Theatre, London


I have seen David Tennant on stage now already three times. Twice in the same week when I went to Stratford-upon-Avon when he was doing Hamlet and Love’s labour’s lost, and then a few years later when he and Catherine Tate did Much Ado about Nothing. It seems that he’s doing theatre every 2 years or so and last time he did it, I didn’t go since I was a little scared of going to the Barbican on my own (fear conquered when I went to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet and it’s an irrational fear since I had heard stories of being a city in the city and that you could get lost there). For that play in the Barbican (Richard II) I do have the DVD but I have to admit I haven’t seen it yet.

When it was announced that David was going to be on stage again, I didn’t have to think twice and by coincidence, the day I found out and the day that the tickets became available was the same day. I asked my theatre loving friend if she wanted to join me to see this play and well, David is kind of popular so I got a “Hell yes” within minutes. She also said that it’s kinda meta that Casanova would be playing Don Juan.

Just before seeing the play I found out that I knew one of the other actors in the play, i.e Adrian Scarborough. For me, he has always been that guy. I know I’ve seen him in so many things but putting my finger on his work mostly sticks to “Gavin & Stacy” and “Miranda”

What can I say, what can I say… It was a funny rollercoaster with one of the most notorious lovers that Soho has ever known (or at least in the play).

The interaction between Don Juan(David) and his chauffeur/valet (Adrian) is just too wrong for words. They don’t really have a servant – master relationship but they are more like partners in crime, although the lowest in rank isn’t really happy with the way his boss has been treating him (not paying him).

As the story unfolds there are some weird things that happen. On an intoxicated bender, they end up in a park and all of a sudden the statue comes to live and predicts the death of Don Juan.

Throughout the play, they flirt with the fourth dimension. It’s there at one time but not at another time.  The times it’s closest to existing is when there are making quips about politicians and it really getting close to being about the current president of the US. The crowd cheers this on. Then another time when it goes about paparazzi and everyone being a reporter these days… don’t cheer the vloggers on.

All by all, very entertaining evening! If there was a longer run and I could have gone back I would have seen it a second time just to find out more details.



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