Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I fell in love with the story of Peter Quill the moment I saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.  Not only with Peter (Starlord) but also the other characters and the setting future but not really with music from the eighties.  The hope is that the story goes further and that this doesn’t become a lame sequel. Hopes are very high on that front since I have not really seen a bad Marvel sequel ever since I started watching.

After having seen what happens to Groot at the end of the previous film, I am also wondering how it will work out for him here. They have been teasing a lot of Groot stuff since I think he is one of the universal favorites of the film.

The opening scene is wonderful, with baby Groot dancing around while the other team members are fighting. I just want to cuddle that little tree sprout.  Almost all of the funny bits contain baby Groot and maybe that is why it was so funny.

From there on there are ups and downs. The battle scenes and fleeing scenes are very fun to see and there are some double entendres in there.  We get to know why

We get to know why Yondu “kidnapped” Peter and then also why he didn’t give him to the person (Ego) that he was kidnapping him for. The father -son relation is a strong storyline, spinning into the debate of biological vs nurturing parent. I love the way the chose to spin this and make Yondu in his last moments the hero.

When we finally get to meet Ego, at first he seems very charming and the ideal dad but it all seems to be a ruse since he confesses to things he has done which don’t only hurt Star-lord but other planet inhabitants in the galaxy too. His name is not wrong, his ego is huge, overpowering. He decides the fates of the galaxy. This is not acceptable and the guardians take action.

Music, we need to talk about the Vol 2 music. As the music from the first film was so epic, the music needed to be on point. It wasn’t as on point as that of the previous film, but I think the music they chose for this volume was suited for the storyline.

I enjoyed the film but I still think they could have done so much better.


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