Tinie Tempah – Het Depot, Leuven


Normally, this concert would have taken place in November, but due to circumstances, it was moved to April. Actually, this was better for me as that meant I could sleep more right before going to London.

This marks the first time that I go to a rap concert, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I have been to many concerts in the past, but what I noticed here was how empty a stage is when there is only a rapper and an MC on there.  But to make this not seem so empty they run around from one side to the other.

In theory, this concert was planned to present the new album. I think that the circumstance that made it move was that the album was not yet finished. 10 days after the concert it was released.

But like always, they can’t just do a concert with only new songs, they always have to play some of the hits from the previous albums. I think this is because otherwise everyone is just listening to songs for the first time and people are not reacting to them (except for clapping at the end of them).  So there were some of the big hits from the last 5 years.

Did I like my first rap concert? Yes, but I think this is because I knew songs and enjoyed hearing them in a live setting. Would I go to a rap concert if I didn’t know the songs in advance and liked them? I think this would be a no! Would I go to another performance by Tinie Tempah? Yes, he is charismatic on stage (and it doesn’t help that at one point he takes off his shirt – sorry this always helps).


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