Beauty and the Beast

beauty collage

It was just not possible for me to not see this film. I grew up on Disney animation films and Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite. Not my absolute favourite of all the animation films they’ve made, but then again they made a lot of them.

When I heard that they were going to make a live-action version of it, I was intrigued in which scenes would change immensely. The trailer and teasers before the release were exact scenes that I knew from the animated version. I was fearing that those were the only ones and that they were hooking us, the people who watched as a kid.

The cinema was packed to the rafters, so a lot of people were excited to see this film the week of release. I was bracing myself for what was to come but honestly it was all good. From beginning till end there were so many iconic scenes that had just been remade for this version.

Because a lot was the same, it was easy to actually sing along with the songs like Belle, Tale as old as time and Be our guest.  There were some original songs like Beast lament in Evermore when Belle leaves the castle.

There were some differences but I welcomed them. There is a backstory to why Belle is living with her dad (Maurice) and what happened to her mum. Also the curse is better explained. In the animated version this was told in the prelude but there were some gaps in that story.

They were also very bold in the reimagining of the cursed people in the castle. I was not sure about it when I saw the images. They were so different. I can see why they did the changes to them. But I do still prefer the animated version of Mrs Pots and Chip.

Then we need to talk about Gaston & Lefou. Gaston was cocky and self-obsessed as ever but honestly Lefou really was much better in this version.  Josh Gad actually brings him to live and I think his performance really makes this character.

According to me, the actors that were cast really were invested in there roles. I think for Beast they went for one of a few possible actors with bright blue eyes, and Dan Stevens really has those bright eyes. I actually fell in love with Beast all over (it’s actually just a kind of bad boy that needs to be reformed). Then Ewan and Ian, as Lumiere and Cogsworth, Ewan really tried his best to speak with a French accent but I wouldn’t have minded it if he did it in his scottish one. Ian has the perfect voice to do Cogsworth and  the presence that is needed when he’s no longer cursed.

Emma Thompson, I love her, but I think she should have voiced Mrs Pots in her regular voice. Now she was doing an accent and I didn’t really like it all that much.

This marks the year that kids will know Emma Watson as Belle and not as Hermoine, which is a bit sad but then again she really was Belle. Even the singing was fantastic. That was the biggest wonder before the seeing the film since I hadn’t heard her sing before.

Will I keep on going to see live-action versions of Disney films? Yes, if they are made by Disney themselves. Will I rewatch this film? Hell Yes!!


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