logan collage

I have been watching X-Men films ever since the first one was released in 2000. It did get a little complicated when they did a sort of reboot with X-Men: First Class but they pulled that right in X-Men: Days of future past. Or they at least explained some things.  Then a few years back they decided to start a Wolverine: Origin line and well, I do love Hugh Jackman in this role thus I watched the films and each one of them is good (even if they are spinoffs). This one, Logan, is the last in the Wolverine saga, and of course, I’m curious to see how they were going to end the saga.

We jump a little forward in time, far enough to have this story happen but not that far that the scenes need to be too futuristic. Logan is a taxi driver and uses all his money for Alzheimer medication for Professor X.

Professor X is kept in a remote place (under the watchful eyes of Caliban) where he can’t hurt anyone. Xavier is the biggest weapon around since his telepathic powers can cause people to stop moving. Only the medication that Logan provides, stops the seizures from happening.

The other storyline in this film is that Logan gets drafted/asked to take an orphan child to safety.  The woman (Gabriela) who has been keeping her safe gets killed and reluctantly Logan takes the child, Laura along.

He discovers that she has similar powers to his. In a world where mutants are no longer born this seems strange. So after watching a video on the telephone of Gabriela, he discovers that in a lab they have been infecting embryos with mutant DNA. Because of his DNA being used for Laura, she has powers like his. The big difference is that beside claws coming out of her hands she also has one coming out of her feet.

Wolverine reluctantly takes her to the other escaped kids at a sanctuary (that they chose because it was in an X-Men comic.  While moving on from this sanctuary, they run into X-24 and the other men hunting them. This end in an epic battle.

Wolverine vs X-24, which ends in Wolverine losing his life but the kids being safe to move on.

This is a worthy farewell to Wolverine.  The man we all thought unkillable is slowly dying. It seems that the adamantium that has been fitted to his bones is actually poisoning him. The last scene, his funeral, we see a grave and Laura turning the cross on it to its side, forming an X.

Besides Wolverine, there is also another farewell we see during this film. (SPOILER) Professor X also dies but not due to his powers but he’s killed by X-24 (a Wolverine clone).

I think this could be a perfect start for a story about the kids that got away. Another leader like professor X to take them under his/her wing and raise them with.


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