ghostbusters collage

This is another film I couldn’t see last summer due to circumstances. A lot of people have been saying that it isn’t good. They always say “Why remake a perfectly good film with women”? I decided that I wouldn’t let all the opinions colour mine and just watched it on a quiet Saturday evening.

I was a kid when I first saw the original Ghostbusters film and I watched this one with an open mind, hoping it would live up to the memory of a time gone by.  I think that if you hold on to the memory this film might not be good.

I hear everyone complaining about the film, saying that it doesn’t live up to the original. Now honestly I didn’t think it was all that bad. I even laughed at some scenes.

It’s very hip at the moment to gender bend characters but that means it would be the exactly the same characters. Here they are not the same characters in another story but all the ladies are their own person.

The story is set in the present for us but is keeping into account all the events that happened in the 80s. The explanation they give to explain that people don’t know about ghosts is that people forget everything if you let time go over it.


I actually liked the characters they introduced, although it was a bit of a cliché that the black character was not one of the scientists. I think they could have done better than make her the token black character and just there for comic relief.

I loved the Erin (Kristen Wiig) & Abby (Melissa McCarthy) characters from the start and the way they interact. There is a backstory to their love of the paranormal and yes, this could have been explored deeper.  The coolest one of the four for me was Jillian (Kate McKinnon) but that cause she’s a bit more rock&roll then the others and also younger and the most technical of them all.

And of course, we have to talk about Kevin (Chris Hemsworth). Where there is normal a cliché bimbo receptionist, there was Kevin and yes he was airheaded. It’s the first time I see Chris Hemsworth act this way and I thought it was funny. For once it is not the women depicted this way but a man.

As we are talking fantasy creatures, I do think with the CGI we have today, that this wasn’t the best they could have done.  It was weird to see this version of Slimer when I was so used to the old one.

Because it was a remake, they did make some winks toward the old films. All old ghostbusters make a cameo appearance. These moments are spread throughout the film and they are perfect. I think these parts were specially written for them because in my eyes they wouldn’t have worked if or even removed if they were played by any other actors.

I think that more people would have loved this film if they didn’t grow up on the old films. But I also think that if the concept was completely new and never before done, it would be a hit as it was in the 80s.


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