Suicide Squad

Suicidesquad collage

Originally I had a ticket to see this film on Friday after being released. Due to familial circumstances, I couldn’t go and have been postponing to see it until I really had time to sit down and enjoy it.

Personally, I was expecting a film that was even darker after having seen Batman vs Superman. I like the neo-noir scene that they put down in the other DC film.

As I have heard the last months, this is a love it or hate it film. A lot of people think there isn’t a lot of story to go on except for the characters being introduced and then thrown together for the mission.  For me, it seemed to be a setup for a bigger story.

I loved certain of the characters and thought the women came out as being kick-ass. Even though they were scantily clad, they were their own person and could stand their own ground. I know, Harley Quinn is mentally unstable and “dependent” on Joker but when he’s not around she transforms into a sort of leader of the group. Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis – who I see as one of the great African-American actors at the moment and her generation – is really a tough cookie as she is the strategical military leader of this band of misfits.  And the Enchantress who is stronger than the June Moon alter-ego but is the big bad here. This parasitical goddess really kicks ass, but love prevails in the end and she leaves June alive.

Next to the strong women, there is also a lot of humour to be found. I think there are even some jokes that I didn’t even catch since I haven’t read any of the DC comics and knowing DC movies there should be some obscure links and jokes in there. I laughed a lot anyway with the ones I did catch.

I don’t recommend a pure Marvel fan to watch this, since they would give it a thumbs down. But a superhero movie lover (like I am) will find the fun in it!


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