LEGO: London Bus

2016-10-29 20.17.35 HDR.jpg

This was one more free little box that I received when I went to the Lego store earlier on. It was about the time the Lego store in London was opening so I think it was the beginning of November and this was the one gift I really wanted since I have some other London iconic boxes (that I still have to build), this would look magnificent next to it!

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Cats – Koningin Elizabethzaal, Antwerp


When I read that the British touring company of Cats was coming to Belgium, I kept checking the website of the newly renovated Elizabeth theater in Antwerp. I didn’t want to miss getting tickets for this show, and as the show was only in town for 3 weeks, I made sure to get my tickets on the first day they were released. The fact that it’s the British company was a plus for me since, here in Belgium, they have a habit of translating musicals and the songs become a monstrosity. They have done this with musicals like Mamma Mia and when we all know the ABBA songs, you can’t sing any of them along because of this translation.

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LEGO: Louvre


As I have visited the Louvre multiple times in the past and when this box was released it just had to be placed in my collection. There were some things that I found a bit bothersome just in seeing the box. It only shows one part of the Louvre and not the side wings. And then my head was pondering how the pyramid would work. I did find out!

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Beauty and the Beast

beauty collage

It was just not possible for me to not see this film. I grew up on Disney animation films and Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite. Not my absolute favourite of all the animation films they’ve made, but then again they made a lot of them.

When I heard that they were going to make a live-action version of it, I was intrigued in which scenes would change immensely. The trailer and teasers before the release were exact scenes that I knew from the animated version. I was fearing that those were the only ones and that they were hooking us, the people who watched as a kid.

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logan collage

I have been watching X-Men films ever since the first one was released in 2000. It did get a little complicated when they did a sort of reboot with X-Men: First Class but they pulled that right in X-Men: Days of future past. Or they at least explained some things. ┬áThen a few years back they decided to start a Wolverine: Origin line and well, I do love Hugh Jackman in this role thus I watched the films and each one of them is good (even if they are spinoffs). This one, Logan, is the last in the Wolverine saga, and of course, I’m curious to see how they were going to end the saga.

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ghostbusters collage

This is another film I couldn’t see last summer due to circumstances. A lot of people have been saying that it isn’t good. They always say “Why remake a perfectly good film with women”? I decided that I wouldn’t let all the opinions colour mine and just watched it on a quiet Saturday evening.

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