15 years Biffy Clyro

BeFunky Collage.jpg

When I started this post, way back in 2016, I hadn’t seen the band perform live yet. In the meantime, I went to 2 concerts and 1 festival where they were performing. They really throw themselves on stage and that energy can be felt in the audience. For me personally, the first song I ever heard was “Who’s got a match” from the album “Puzzle” because it was being played on BBC Radio 1 at the time. This started my discovery and following of Biffy Clyro. When looking at the pictures from way back comparing their look till now they really started to look like a rock band. This might be because the older pictures look like 15year old selfies and not professional at all.

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Hamlet – Almeida, London


For my birthday, I went to see Hamlet in London, starring Andrew Scott. This is the fifth time that I see this play and the fourth different production. I think this is “my Shakespeare play” because I have seen it so many times. There are other of his plays I’ve seen but for an unexplainable reason, I keep going back to this tragic story.  I had been waiting patiently to get tickets, and at the moment they were released I had multiple sessions open to get tickets that would be on my birthday.  The main reason for me to get tickets is that Andrew Scott is portraying the tragic Dane and after seeing him in Sherlock I think he will do this brilliantly.

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