Bastille – Sportpaleis, Antwerp


I’ve been saying for ages that I want to see Bastille. I had seen some taped concerts from festivals like Reading/Leeds and the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend but never in person. I just love their depressing lyrics to happy music, sometimes I’m moving to the happiness of the music before I have understood the sad lyrics.

There was a double preshow act, Frenship and Rationale. For me, the first of both was the best and since the concert, I have been listening to what I can find on Spotify. Rationale did not really tickle my fancy, so I haven’t even looked for their music afterward.

When Bastille started my expectation of a part was completely met. Every song was on point and for me, the setlist was in the perfect order. The mix between upbeat songs and the pretty but sad ballads sounded right in my ears.

There were moments when I thought, this is a security hell, Dan just walked into the crowd to sing. Ok, this is very nice for the crowd since they have a direct interaction with the singer. This happened about 3 times and one song was brought from the PA station and one from up on the balcony. This last one was kind of funny to see from where I was sitting since we just saw flashlights racing down the upper corridor to and from the song they sang. My mind was really going, you go guys, cause they had to run down a flight of stairs.

I really enjoyed every second of the show and already said that next time that they are coming to Belgium I want to go see them again.


  1. Send Them Off!
  2. Laura Palmer
  3. Warmth
  4. Snakes
  5. Flaws
  6. Oblivion
  7. Lethargy
  8. Things We Lost in the Fire
  9. The Draw
  10. The Currents
  11. Power
  12. Bad Blood
  13. Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)
  14. Blame
  15. Of the Night
  16. Fake It
  17. Weight of Living, Pt. II
  18. Glory
  19. Good Grief
  20. Two Evils
  21. Icarus
  22. Pompeii

Photograph courtesy of BastilleDan instagram


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