LEGO: Buckingham Palace


As I am an Anglophile through and through, and have stood at the gates of Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards (once and never after that cause it’s too crowded for me) when I saw this box, I had to buy it.

When watching the box, I thought “Well this will be done in an this will be quickly made”, it took a bit longer than that. The Architecture boxes are deceiving in this way.There are so many small pieces that makes it actually more work .

2016-10-06 19.29.30.jpg

As you can see there are multiple bags of pieces and getting them all out to start building was my approach this time. It might not have been the best one since practically all pieces are the same color. But once I had them all out I had to roll with the what I had.

It took me about two to three hours to build it but I finished by the end of the night and was very happy to put it on the shelves where I have my Lego Builds.

2016-10-06 21.47.31.jpg

P.S. look at that little double decker bus and taxi in front of the palace, so cute!


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