Assassin’s Creed

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As I am not a big gamer, you might think I wouldn’t watch this film. However, I have become fond of acting done my Michael Fassbender in the last few year that I wanted to see if he could do this and if the story was interesting enough for someone like me not knowing the history of the game. All I know is that the game makers have been applaud in the past for their historical correct locations, so would this be incorporated here.

Game adaptations to film often have this bad reputation as they don’t gave the gamers the same feel as they had in playing. But hey, as I am not a gamer I did like “Prince of Persia” in the past and was told by those who played the game it was “not all that”. Let’s see what happens here…

I haven’t done any research into the world in the game, so I don’t know which parts of the story in the film are originally from the game. So forgive me if I make mistakes here.

The story here is about Callum Lynch who was witness to his mother being killed by his father. The last words his father said to him were ‘hide in the shadows”.

After this we fast forward 20 years, Callum Lynch is on death row about to be executed. To the world, he is killed, but he wakes up in Madrid at the Abstergo Foundation. Here he learns that his ancestor is Aguilar de Nehra who was part of the Assassin secret order that stood opposite the templars.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin, scientific head of the Abstergo Foundation, tells him about the Assassins and that she wants him to use the Animus to regress back into the life of Aguilar. This is a ruse to get to the Apple of Eden, which was last known to be in his hands.

After a few times using the Animus, Cal starts to see his ancestor’s figure even when he’s not using the machine. However, he’s shown people who have previously been forced to use the Animus. They seem to have blown a fuse. Using the Animus unwillingly seems to affect the mind.

After this, he enters the Animus willingly and finds out that Aguilar fought hard to obtain the Apple but that when he was gravely wounded passed it on to Christopher Columbus, who had to swear to take it to his grave with him.

The following part is the conclusion of the film which I will not tell you about, to know it you better go see it.

Overall opinions during the film:

  • The overhead shot images of Spain in 1492 are amazing
  • It was a bold choice to put all the dialogue from 1492 in Spanish but it gives it a more real feel
  • When will we see Jeremy Irons play a “good” role again?
  • The woman that I am often said “Hello Fassbender”

So all in all, very entertaining to see. I would like feedback from those who do play the game though. Is it as good for you as it was for me?


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