Rogue One: A Star Wars story

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After having bitten by the Star Wars bug again last year when seeing the Force Awakens, I just had to see this “Star Wars story”. I found out that people were confusing the setting of the film constantly and I jut kept saying it’s number 3.5 (not to confuse them more in saying it’s the sequel to the prequels). For one reason or another people kept asking me when it was releasing here in Belgium (my answer December 14th but I’m going to see it on December 17th).  Plans made and tickets bought, matinee viewing here I come!

In this story, we get to know how the Death Star was built even though we don’t see them really do it, but we do know who the main architect was Galen Erso. Now honestly the whole start with the family did me see a parallel with young Anakin’s and Luke’s family situations at the start of Phantom Menace and a New Hope. So it was kind of predictable that the Erso family would be torn up and that the girl “Jyn” would be on her own.

The films really starts off after these opening scenes and after Jyn is sprung free from a prisoners transport. From here on it’s more an action/war film. The Rebel Alliance is trying hard to get to know the plans of the empire and will do anything to get their hands on it.

As they have heard that a pilot is captured by Saw Gerrera and know he is ruthless with those he captures they are going to use Jyn to get close to him. As he took Jyn in when she first was split up with her parents they have a father -daughter like relationship. When on Jehda (the planet where Gerrera lives) they find out that the pilot was carrying a message from Galen Erso and just before the Empire tests out their new weapon on the capital of Jehda, Jyn gets to see her father tell the message that he built in a flaw in the Death Star.

Next stop in this planet hopping is the planet of Eadu where Galen Erso is working on the Empirical weapon. When Cassian (the Rebel intel officer that is actually the main male character here) decides to actually kill Galen, his plans are thwarted by the Empire visiting the base themselves.  As the Rebel army was already on the way to provide air support for the attack on Eadu they could no longer be called off and the base is bombed and Galen Erso dies in Jyn’s arms.

Back to the rebel base and there is some disagreement as the rebel leadership doesn’t really want to get the plans of the Death Star. (There is a moment in this scene that I really had to bite my lip and not shout “Shut Up Anderson you’re bringing down the IQ of the whole street” as Jonathan Aris is playing Senator Jebel who disapproves getting the plans).  After not getting a go from the Alliance, our heroes in this story take it onto themselves to travel to Scarif and get the plans.

On Scarif, they (Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO) disguise themselves as imperial officers to infiltrate the base while the other rebels attack outside. Fast forward they get to the disk with the plans on them but they still need to broadcast them to the rebel ship waiting outside the planet’s barrier (yes, those rebels go the idea straight in the long run).

As the Empire tries to stop them they fire off the death star once more on their own base (not knowing the plans have gone through) and killing everyone there (this is the last we see of Jyn and Cassian – they die in each other’s arms – oooh). There is a small battle on the rebel spaceship as Darth Vader enters and tries to get the plans from them but they get it away in time and in the hands of Princess Leia – which brings the story cleany to the start of a New Hope.

I know I haven’t written every single part here, yes here I mean describing the Darth Vader and Chirrut/Baze scenes. Now in briefness, Darth Vader is menacing as ever, has the only lightsaber in the whole film and using the force as it would be used by some one on the bad side of it. Chirrut/ Baze didn’t get enough screen time for me but Chirrut will for always be a blind Shaolin monk in my head (he resembled one for me) and his friendship with Baze might be more than just that.

Summing up the fantastic parts in the film:

  • The digital enhanced Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia
  • The sarcasme of K-2SO  (sometimes a bit too mush Hoban Washburn )
  • So many machines used from the past – hello X-wings and AT-AT
  • The subtle but strong going love story which wasn’t overpowering there
  • The battle at Scarif – wink to  Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus
  • The minimal but rightly placed scenes of Darth Vader

Sorry for the confusing jumps in my telling the story and not explaining all the characters. It was just filled with so many characters that if I had to describe them all I would be writing into the new year. The confusing story is more that after seeing it once it’s a bit a confusing war/battle in my head and it will take time to get it straightened out.

I am with the Force and the Force is with me!



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