Christmas Lego

2016-10-29 20.17.24-1.jpg

From October on, one of the Lego extra’s was the 24in1 box. In this box, there were 24 different little things to be made. You couldn’t make more than one at a time and had to destroy each creation before you could make a new one.

Here are the 24 different little things that I was able to make:

Christmas 2.jpg

A moose, a ship, a fireplace with stocking, a candy cane, a monkey and a mouse.

Christmas 1.jpg

A plow truck, a Christmas tree, a Christmas present, a house, a koala and a plane.BeFunky Collage.jpg

A train, two castles, a robot, a crazy red animal maybe an elf and (I think) a cat (or some other animal).

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Santa’s sled, two little birds, a truck, a snowman, Santa with little presents and a dragon.


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